New functionality and UI improvements make mobile applications even more robust.

If you recently upgraded to AgileAssets Version 7.4.4 (or if your agency is considering an upgrade), you’ll notice some new changes that make tasks even easier, especially for structures inspection teams and fleet maintenance crews. The v7.4.4 product enhancements give mobile application users increased functionality and better user experience, plus a more efficient way of finding assets on a map.

Here are just a few of the ways your teams can benefit from AgileAssets v7.4.4:

More Mobile Features for Inspection Teams

Users of the AgileAssets® Structures Inspector™ mobile application will find easy-to-use new features:

  • Inspection teams can now download and inspect large culverts (in addition to bridges) in their short list of inspection candidates.
  • Users can remove an inspection candidate and the associated data from a mobile device, freeing up space on the device without affecting synced asset data in the system.
  • The home screen has been improved to display a default image of a bridge or culvert in place of an elevation photo of the structure. This means inspectors can quickly identify the asset type when viewing the candidate list.
Users of the Structures Inspector™ mobile application can now more efficiently inspect bridges and large culverts—and save storage space on their devices
Easier Location Searches

The AgileAssets GIS Explorer now provides an easier way to find asset locations. The maps interface includes a search box that allows users to search for a specific address. The map will locate and zoom to the selected location and display features near the address, based on the selected layers in the map. This greatly improves usability, as users no longer need to zoom, pan, or pinch their way to find a specific location on the map when looking for assets near that location.

In GIS Explorer, users can search for an address to display the nearest geo-located assets in the system.
Added Flexibility for Fleet Crews

 Field workers that use AgileAssets® Fleet Maintenance Manager™ mobile application now have more flexibility on certain tasks.

  • Agencies can choose whether to enable or disable the materials day card capability of the map, depending on their business needs. This means that materials-related features can be hidden if they are not relevant to the task.
  • When creating a direct cost record, users no longer need to specify the name of a dealership or a vendor invoice number. This gives users more flexibility when those details are not available or applicable.
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Find out more in AgileAssets v7.4.4. Release Notes—or contact us with your questions.

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