The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) wanted to enhance its fleet management system to improve fleet data collection and reporting, and to maximize asset lifecycles.

The KYTC team  identified specific goals for the new fleet management system:

  1. Improve fleet efficiency
  2. Enhance staff and systems reporting to identify the true fleet condition
  3. Improve fuel reporting to include usage and fuel economy
  4. Support utilization requirements and reassignments
  5. Facilitate replacement scheduling


To accommodate KYTC’s fleet size (11,000+ vehicles and pieces of equipment) and the broad scope of the enhancements, the project required specific development activities. In addition, meeting the system specifications required integration with third-party applications. KYTC also needed to manage staff training for 12 highway districts throughout the commonwealth.


KYTC collaborated with AgileAssets to implement its enhanced fleet management system. Key components of the system include:

  1. Integration of AgileAssets® Fleet & Equipment  Manager with WEX® Fleet One fueling system to incorporate and leverage data for improved reporting and decision-making
  2. True preventive maintenance functionality
  3. Quick print options for inventory reports
  4. Fleet downtime tracking and utilization reporting
  5. Rental rate calculator
  6. Streamlined process for system information entry and retrieval
  7. Performance measures aligned with national performance metrics

To support KYTC’s success, AgileAssets provided on-site training to help users maximize the value of the system.


KYTC’s enhanced fleet management system provides significant benefits. One of the main benefits is the overall improvement in fleet efficiency. The system also equips KYTC with a more comprehensive way to report on fleet operations while providing the tools to identify deficiencies and potential improvements.

For example, enhanced reporting enables the agency to identify the need for more complex repairs that might otherwise be overlooked. Addressing these issues in a timely manner helps reduce safety risks and repair costs. Enhanced reporting also provides a means to capture real downtime by separating administrative functions with completion and close tabs.

The fueling software interface makes it easier to determine fuel economy and excessive idle issues. Having precise data available enables fleet managers to make better operational decisions. Overall, the system helps KYTC get more value from its fleet and equipment assets.

For its enhanced Fleet Management System, KYTC was recognized as a nominee for the AgileAssets Excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management (AXIAM) Award.

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