The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) wanted to improve the decision-making processes of its pavement and maintenance teams.

NMDOT identified four specific goals:

  1. Identify and optimize necessary pavement treatments and maintenance activities to ensure public safety
  2. Increase efficiencies and productivity
  3. Reduce operating costs
  4. Improve reporting to executive management

NMDOT moved forward to implement an integrated pavement management system (PMS) and maintenance management system (MMS).


NMDOT manages more than 25,000 lane miles of highway, nearly 3000 bridges and culverts, 2,055 miles of railroad right-of-way, and 61 public-use airports. The department also oversees three international ports of entry, 32 rest stops, and 34 nationally designated scenic, historic, and recreational trails.*

NMDOT faced several operational challenges in implementing its integrated PMS and  MMS. For example, the agency needed to consolidate seven legacy databases into a single, integrated database. An additional challenge was integrating the software with existing department systems, including pavement data collection, time and attendance, and  fleet management. Statewide staff training represented another challenge.

*Sources: NMDOT Transportation Asset Management Plan, 2018; New Mexico 2040 Plan, 2015.


NMDOT implemented AgileAssets Pavement Analyst (PMS), Maintenance Manager (MMS), and other key capabilities to help optimize the pavement and maintenance team’s decision-making processes.

Key implementation components included:

  1. Installing the PMS and MMS as integrated components
  2. Consolidating seven legacy databases into a single database
  3. Integrating the PMS and MMS with existing department systems, including pavement data collection, time and attendance, and  fleet management
  4. Training NMDOT staff to use the system effectively for better decision-making


The implementation of integrated PMS and  MMS capabilities provides NMDOT’s pavement and maintenance teams with many benefits. The agency can now identify the cost and  locations of all pavement maintenance activities—and pinpoint which combination of projects will yield the greatest return  on infrastructure investments.

A well-managed data-entry process increases efficiency and  productivity. Optimized business processes save the department time and  money. In addition, cross-functional coordination has improved because patrols are able to see activity updates in the system immediately. Pavement and maintenance teams are also able to deliver better reports to management in less time.

Overall, the integrated systems enable optimized business processes and decision-making so that NMDOT can deliver safer, longer-lasting roadways.

For its optimized decision-making process, NMDOT was recognized as a nominee for the AgileAssets Excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management (AXIAM) Award.

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