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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) wanted a contemporary, integrated pavement management system (PMS) to replace four existing standalone applications.

The TxDOT team identified four goals for the new PMS implementation:

  1. Optimize the impact of maintenance and rehabilitation funds
  2. Standardize reporting to external stakeholders
  3. Enhance internal spatial reporting capabilities for pavement management data
  4. Broaden the system’s customer base




TxDOT manages more than 80,000 centerline miles of roads that support more than 500,000,000 daily vehicle miles traveled. The TxDOT pavement program is very large, and it’s growing rapidly to accommodate a fast-growing state population.*

Beyond the sheer size of its pavement program, TxDOT also faced the challenge of completing the migration from an environment comprised of four standalone applications to a new, comprehensive PMS in a very short time frame.

Additional challenges included the need to develop a new Geographic Information System (GIS) module and to train the staff of numerous statewide districts on how to most effectively use the new PMS.

*Source: TxDOT Roadway Inventory Annual Reports, 2016.



TxDOT implemented AgileAssets Pavement Analyst™ to serve as its new PMS.

Key components of the PMS implementation included:

  1. Delivery via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which makes the system accessible to TxDOT staff via web browser on desktop PCs, laptops, or mobile devices such as tablets
  2. Deployment of a comprehensive system that includes an enterprise-class database, graphical reporting, a visual project-editing tool, and GIS integration
  3. Advanced analytical capabilities that support multi- year, multi-constraint analysis and the ability to turn analysis into work plans
  4. Robust reporting tools that support the ability to answer questions from external stakeholders regarding funding needs, performance measures, and project selections


The new system enables TxDOT to achieve a higher return on infrastructure investments by optimizing the impact of funding allocations.



As a principal benefit, the new PMS enables TxDOT to analyze and compare 4-year plan scenarios to optimize the effects of funding allocations for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation projects. With these advanced analytical capabilities, TxDOT can improve its decision-making to achieve a higher return on infrastructure investments. In addition, because the system replaces four standalone applications, TxDOT achieves greater operational efficiency by streamlining workflows and improving data sharing.

With the new PMS, TxDOT demonstrates enhanced spatial analysis and reporting capabilities. The agency is also able to standardize its reporting to the state legislature and other external stakeholders regarding funding needs, performance measures, and project selections.

Given that TxDOT spends nearly $2B per year on pavements, the agency is well positioned to realize a very high benefit-cost ratio for the new system. Even a very conservative estimate of 1% annual savings would result in a benefit to TxDOT of about $20M per year.

As part of the AgileAssets Excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management (AXIAM) Awards, TxDOT received an Honorable Mention for its PMS implementation.

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