The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) wanted to improve its statewide pavement management program to deliver more value to the traveling public.

The NMDOT team  identified four goals:

  1. Establish pavement condition ratings and individual distress indices
  2. Generate pavement condition reports
  3. Identify treatments with the highest benefit and lowest cost
  4. Optimize pavement treatments to achieve the highest return on infrastructure investments

NMDOT moved forward to procure an advanced software solution to meet these goals.


NMDOT manages more than 25,000 lane miles of highway, nearly 3,000 bridges and culverts, 2,055 miles of railroad right-of-way, and 61 public-use airports. The department also oversees three international ports of entry, 32 rest stops, and 34 nationally designated scenic, historic, and recreational trails.*

NMDOT faced several challenges in optimizing its pavement treatment process. A primary concern was the operational challenge of developing and implementing the program throughout the state. The integration of the software with the department’s legacy pavement data-collection systems was another challenge. In addition, a significant challenge was the organization and management of statewide staff training.

*Source: NMDOT Transportation Asset Management Plan, 2018; New Mexico 2040 Plan, 2015.


NMDOT implemented AgileAssets Pavement Analyst (PMS), Maintenance Manager (MMS), and other key capabilities to enable optimization of the pavement treatment process.

Key aspects of the project included:

  1. Establishing pavement condition ratings and individual distress indices
  2. Grouping distress indices by types of pavement distress that contribute to structural, environmental, or safety-related performance of the roadway
  3. Using the AgileAssets PMS to generate a Pavement Condition Report (PCR) with recommended treatments for each pavement project statewide
  4. Prioritizing PMS-recommended pavement treatments based on the lowest index to ensure the highest benefit with the lowest cost


Implementing the optimized pavement treatment process statewide has enabled NMDOT to determine the most cost-effective treatments that address prevalent pavement distress. NMDOT is now able to achieve a high return on its pavement investments, more  effective use of pavement funding, and longer-lasting roadways. NMDOT is also able to provide a higher level of service, helping to improve transportation quality and safety for its constituents.

For its optimized pavement treatment process, NMDOT was recognized as a nominee for the AgileAssets Excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management (AXIAM) Award.

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