Connect Plus and Connect Plus Services are responsible for managing and maintaining the London M25 Orbital Motorway under the terms of a 30-year, multi-billion pound DBFO (Design-Build-Finance-Operate) performance contract.

Connect Plus Services recognized that in order to meet the performance requirements in the contract they would need to implement an Infrastructure Asset Management IT System that met three specific strategic goals:

  1. Provides a Routine Maintenance Management System (RMMS) for the entire M25 asset portfolio that supports spatial search and mobile data collection
  2. Facilitates and enhances operational efficiency and asset performance
  3. Mitigates asset lifecycle renewal risk


Principal among the challenges that Connect Plus Services faced with the implementation of their infrastructure asset management IT system is the sheer size of the M25 DBFO contract.

Connect Plus Services is responsible for 30-year management of an infrastructure asset portfolio consisting of 150,000 assets, including 40,000 pavement sections, 3,000+ structures and 15,000+ mechanical and electrical tunnel assets.

Additional challenges include the contractual obligation to hand back assets in similar or better condition than a baseline asset condition measured in 2009.

Connect Plus Services also faced the challenge of integrating its new infrastructure asset management IT system with existing systems like mobile data collection as well as training their staff to use the system.


Connect Plus Services implemented AgileAssets Structure Analyst, Structure Inspector and Foundation modules as the core system components. Key system features include:

  1. RMMS that supports inventory management, inspections workflow, condition scoring, defect/work order management
  2. Live condition reporting capability and dashboard
  3. Cross-asset defect management with spatial search, performance reports and dashboards
  4. 30-year, multi-constraint work plans optimizing overall expenditure for pavement and structure assets
  5. 1-year and 5-year short-term, multi-constraint work plans to better understand impact of current investment planning


The new Infrastructure Asset Management IT System helped Connect Plus Services meet its strategic goals and achieve the following key benefits:

  1. Enhanced operational efficiencies
  2. Enhanced asset performance
  3. Mitigation of asset life cycle renewal risk
  4. Optimized, long-term investment planning
  5. 5% long-term efficiency improvement resulting in savings of £30M pavement and £18M structure 
  6. Repeatable and auditable approach to optimizing forward planning

Connect Plus Services received an AgileAssets Excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management (AXIAM) Award Honorable Mention for the successful implementation of its AMS-IT.

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