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  1. Partner Program & Trimble
    • Welcome by Executive Management: Trimble’s Owner & Public Sector & the Strategic Role of our Partners
    • Strengths of AgileAssets (Partner Perspective): How the Partner Program can elevate your business through new products, services and a wider outreach
  2. Pavement Express & Partner Benefits
    Introducing the new Pavement Express version & how it can support your business growth. Future integrations with Cityworks and other Trimble products.
  3. Cityworks
    Introduction & Partner growth opportunity
  4. e-Builder
    Introduction & Partner growth opportunity
  5. Airport PMS
    Overview of how AgileAssets Pavement Analyst has been applied to Airports
  6. Marketing Trimble
    How Trimble Marketing efforts support your sales efforts
  7. Microsoft Azure & Carahsoft Accelerating Sales
    Learn how Trimble is accelerating new sales to strengthen your partner opportunities
  8. Public Sector: Leverage Trimble’s Owner & Public Sector Sales Team
    Trimble Owners & Public Sector Sales groups helping you capture more business
  9. Project Delivery: Building Confidence
    Tips & Tricks to master your solution. Highlights from the Partner Tech Series and FAQs
  10. Closing Session