Improve Investment Decisions and Optimize Work Plans

Make better strategic decisions for specific asset types or for your entire transportation asset portfolio. Analyze what-if scenarios to determine the best investment strategies.

Portfolio Analyst™ Screenshot

Portfolio Analyst™

Improve investment decisions across the entire portfolio.

Portfolio Analyst lets you analyze multiple scenarios to determine the best investment strategies for multiple asset types, then allocate funds to get the highest return on project investments.

Summit™ Screenshot


Turn infrastructure data into smarter decisions through presentation-ready visualizations.

Summit is an enterprise data visualization software that helps you get the most value from your asset management system using rich data displays that give decision-makers the information they need, when they need it.

Pavement Analyst™ Screenshot

Pavement Analyst™

Improve pavement safety and longevity while reducing costs.

Pavement Analyst is an advanced pavement management system that helps you make better funding decisions to improve pavement performance within budgetary, legislative, and many other constraints.

Pavement Express™ Workplan

Pavement Express™

Manage streets and sidewalks effectively with this ready-to-use solution for local governments.

Pavement Express is an out-of-the-box pavement management system that helps you save money while delivering safer, longer-lasting pavements across your city or county network.

Structures Analyst™ Screenshot

Structures Analyst™

Elevate your bridge management strategies and optimize asset lifecycles.

Structures Analyst is a bridge and structures management system that lets you make better investment decisions to improve the safety, longevity, and compliance of bridges and other structures.

Safety Analyst™ Screenshot

Safety Analyst™

Improve roadway safety using advanced analytics.

Safety Analyst is an enterprise safety management system that lets you achieve performance goals and Vision Zero objectives by increasing the accuracy of network screenings and identifying effective safety programs.

Features & Benefits

AgileAssets Planning and Analysis Solutions

Key Features

  • Responsive, browser-based UI with touch-centric compatibility
  • Multi-period and multi-constraint predictive analysis
  • Advanced probabilistic and deterministic deterioration modeling
  • Client-specific data types and user-defined setup parameters
  • Integrated planning, scheduling, work order generation, work recording, and reporting
  • GIS/LRS integration and GPS location referencing
  • Integration with enterprise systems including financial, human resources, ERP, purchasing, and more
  • Flexible deployment options, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Key Benefits

  • Achieve complete infrastructure asset lifecycle management
  • Make more informed, data-driven decisions
  • Optimize funding allocations across programs and asset types
  • Determine the best short-term and long-term strategies for maintenance, preservation, rehabilitation, and replacement
  • Maximize asset performance and return on investment
  • Meet level-of-service and performance goals
  • Enhance or develop your safety programs
  • Meet regulatory standards and reporting requirements
  • Integrate with legacy and third-party systems
  • Add capabilities as your organization’s needs grow
  • Improve service, value, and benefits to taxpayers

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