Brian Schleppi

Highway Infrastructure Management Supervisor, Ohio Department of Transportation

  • 30+ years of state transportation agency experience
  • Works specifically to improve rideability using International Roughness Index (IRI) measures
  • Industry expert in tire-pavement noise as well as pavement friction, grip, and surface characteristics

Some of the Questions Asked

Bridge Smoothness

  • What are the benefits of improved bridge smoothness and rideability?
  • What are the main causes of poor bridge smoothness and rideability?
  • How do you measure and evaluate bridge smoothness?

Bridge Smoothness Specifications

  • What are some limits to applying bridge smoothness specifications?
  • What is the time frame for collecting smoothness data after bridge construction?
  • Are contractor payments adjusted based on the smoothness achieved by the contractor’s work on the bridge?

"From an asset management perspective, we know that smoother pavements last longer. It makes intuitive sense that smoother structures will also last longer due to the reduced dynamic load."

Brian Schleppi
Highway Infrastructure Management Supervisor, Ohio DOT

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