April 4, 2022

Meeting the world’s energy needs is a challenge our transportation infrastructure can help solve.

Solar panels on rooftops are a familiar sight. But solar panels in roadways? Samer Dessouky, PhD, PE, from the University of Texas, San Antonio, sheds light on the innovative technology that enables pavement infrastructure to generate renewable power.


Samer Dessouky, PhD, PE

Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Texas, San Antonio

  • More than 20 years of experience in infrastructure sustainability, pavement management & safety
  • Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Panelist & reviewer for NCHRP, Air Force Faculty Fellowship, Fulbright, and NASA graduate fellowship programs
  • Recipient of numerous awards from ASCE, TRB, and other prestigious organizations for his energy harvesting innovations

Some of the Questions Asked

Pavement Energy Harvesting

  • What are the types of energy harvesting?
  • How can roads generate energy?
  • Is there any correlation between pavement energy harvesting and the life cycle of an asset?

Sustainability of Pavement Energy Harvesting

  • How does energy harvesting contribute to sustainability?
  • What is the status of energy harvesting in the U.S.?
  • What is the future of pavement energy harvesting?

"The technology of energy harvesting has many applications. For example, it can be the source of power for illuminating road signs and signals that warn drivers and pedestrians. . . . What's more, generating energy from pavement puts no strain on our power grids."

Samer Dessouky, PhD, PE

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