Larry Scofield

Director of Engineering & Research, International Grooving & Grinding Association

  • Spent 29 years working at Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Primary focus is on construction, materials, and pavement management
  • International expert on diamond grinding

Some of the Questions Asked

Impact of Diamond Grinding

  • What is the typical depth of diamond grinding?
  • What are the common benefits to concrete pavements from diamond grinding?
  • How long do the benefits of diamond grinding last?

Financial Benefits of Diamond Grinding

  • What is the average cost for implementing diamond grinding?
  • What are some factors that impact the cost?
  • What are some examples of how an agency can save money using diamond grinding?


"Using diamond grinding as a strategy saves money in the long-term at the network level by providing longer-lasting pavements."

Larry Scofield
Director of Engineering & Research

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