Emmanuel Fernando, PhD, PE

Sr. Research Engineer - Texas A&M Transportation Institute

  • Specializes in developing and implementing pavement smoothness specifications based on inertial profile measurements
  • Oversees inertial profiler & operator certifications in support of Texas Department of Transportation’s ride quality specifications
  • Leads research that has resulted in successful applications of smoothness data for construction and pavement management

Some of the Questions Asked

Intertial Profilers

  • What is an inertial profiler?
  • How is the data collected from inertial profilers used in pavement management?

Certification Process

  • What is the process of certifying inertial profilers for data collection?
  • Why is it important to certify equipment and operators?
  • How can transportation agencies achieve the benefits of equipment certification with other types of equipment?

"I think we should move forward with efforts to establish protocols for certifying the high-speed automated systems for rut and crack measurements so that, in due time, state agencies will have specifications available to ensure the quality of the data collected from annual pavement condition surveys."

Emmanuel Fernando, PhD, PE
Texas A&M Transportation Institute

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