December 5, 2022

Optimizing the long-term performance of pavements greatly improves cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Kevin Senn, PE, a Principal Engineer at NCE, explains how systematically measuring and analyzing pavement performance enables asset managers to meet strategic goals while saving time and money.

Kevin Senn, PE

Principal Engineer, NCE

  • Responsible for planning, growth, client relations, quality control and day to day activities at NCE
  • 25+ years experience in pavement design, materials, construction, highway research, performance monitoring, and database management
  • 5+ years working on the new LTPP Data Collection Contract

Some of the Questions Asked

Long-Term Pavement Performance

  • What are some of the major accomplishments of the LTPP program?
  • What are some of the challenges of implementing an LTPP program?
  • What are some of the benefits of the LTPP program?

New Technologies & Long-Term Pavement Performance

  • How did the LTPP program improve the quality of pavement data collection?
  • What are some examples of implementations or new technologies adopted by agencies as a result of the LTPP program?
  • What experiments should the LTPP consider for the future?

"Long-term pavement performance programs help determine strategic priorities. What are the most important pieces of data that we need to be collecting? What’s going to be the highest value to the community? And how do we go about making sure that’s all delivered in the most effective way possible."

Kevin Senn, PE
Principal Engineer

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