Dr. Jorge Prozzi

Professor, UT Austin

  • Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering
  • Conducts extensive research into pavement solutions
  • Chairs multiple TRB committees

Some of the Questions Asked

Impact of Performance Models

  • What are the different types of performance models?
  • What type of data is needed to develop performance models?
  • How frequently should an agency update the performance models used for analysis?

Performance Models and Pavement Management Systems

  • Is it better to model a Pavement Management System after a composite score or individual stresses?
  • What is the benefit of integrating a Pavement Management System and a Maintenance Management System to track work history?
  • How can agencies calibrate their models?


"Agencies should use more analytics and optimization at all levels, and implement resource allocation systems using optimal solutions rather than localized solutions."

Dr. Jorge Prozzi
Professor, University of Texas at Austin

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