Dr. Elie Hajj

Professor - University of Nevada, Reno

  • Professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Specializes in pavement engineering & science with an emphasis on sustainability
  • Active member of multiple national & international organizations and committees

Some of the Questions Asked

Vehicle Operating Costs

  • What are the roadway factors that impact vehicle operating costs?
  • What are the different models for vehicle operating costs?
  • How can agencies estimate vehicle operating costs?

Relevance to Pavement Management

  • What is the relationship between pavement management practices and vehicle operating costs?
  • How important is it to include vehicle operating costs in the economic analysis of transportation investments?




"An agency can use the estimation of vehicle operating costs to impact their decisions on highway project prioritization and selection or can use estimations as a basis for highway project modifications.”

Dr. Elie Hajj
Professor, University of Nevada

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