What’s New in AgileAssets v7.3 Software


Take advantage of new features and enhancements that improve the usability and productivity of your AgileAssets® asset management software. Version 7.3 offers expanded mobile functionality for maintenance work management, plus augmented mapping and reporting capabilities. In addition, v7.3 lets you increase the efficiency of your structures inspection and analysis processes, so you can get more [...]

AXIAM Award Nominations 2016


Presented by Stuart Hudson, CEO, Joe Garvey, VP and Marnie Boyd, HRM, AgileAssets Inc., this session introduce the 11 entries for the AXIAM Award. All entries are briefly described and project managers acknowledged for their innovative use of AgileAssets software. In the video, you'll learn about thought leading projects from: Delaware DOT Kentucky Transportation Cabinet [...]

AXIAM Awards Ceremony – 2016


Presented by Stuart Hudson, CEO, Joe Garvey, VP and Marnie Boyd, HRM,  AgileAssets Inc., this is the AXIAM Award Ceremony with appointment of 3 runner-ups and the overall winner. The four winning projects are described in more detail. Safety Engineer, Ms. Patricia Burke, Montana Department of Transportation is handed 1st prize for their SIMS project. [...]

MAP 21 Performance-Based Bridge Planning


The session will demonstrate the capability of AgileAssets Bridge Analyst to help agencies with MAP-21 Performance Measures target setting and long term planning. A case study of the GDOT Bridge Data will show the benefits of long term planning and compare different strategies regarding Map-21 target setting. Presenter: Mohammed Sayyar, Ph.D., P.E., PMP Senior Consultant [...]

Strategy for Agency-wide Asset Management


Directed by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Commissioner in 2011 to incorporate long-term asset management and sustainability into transportation investment decisions, NYSDOT reexamined its capital planning and programming process. Reviews of asset management best practices used by other States guided NYSDOT to develop a preservation first investment strategy. The new emphasis on [...]

Distributed Infrastructure Asset Management System


Tyler Sampson from our South Africa partner, JUNO Infrastructure, speaks about the share model, where Juno offers to the South Africa municipalities a series of collective tools from data collection, mapping, and GIS data to field data publication and sharing and analysis, optimization and reporting, which is where AgileAssets fit in. Presenter: Tyler Sampson Juno Infrastructure

Enterprise Approach to Asset Management


Dave will talk about MnDOT’s journey into asset management; how practices have evolved, how the department has organized itself and is developing its vision for asset management, and how AgileAssets fits into its plans. Presenter: Dave Solsrud, P.E. Asset Management Project Manager MNDOT

Budget and Financial Accounts Management


Illinois DOT (IDOT) has unique requirements for budget and financial accounts management, and AgileAssets has developed a solution exclusively for IDOT which enables users to control the allocation, transfer, release and spending of funds to and from accounts down to transactions level. As one of its features, this solution has a very flexible design to [...]

Portfolio Analysis – Asset Investment Peer Exchange


The ownership of assets managed by the DOT/State agencies puts them in a unique position where they are expected to maximize the returns like an investment fund manager. They also need to maintain them to yield a higher return-on-asset like a company’s CEO/CFO. In this session, we will discuss and explore parallels between transportation asset [...]

Systematic Screening of Roadway Departure Crashes


Roadway departure crashes are the leading cause of highway crash-related fatalities. In the state of Montana, approximately 70% of fatalities related to highway crashes from 2010-2014 are related to single vehicle run-off the road crashes, compared to the national average of 56%. The roadway departure crashes are more prevalent in rural than urban settings. Due [...]

Innovative Financial Uses of AgileAssets Software


Ohio DOT has two distinct processes, which have been incorporated into the AgileAssets solution to improve accuracy and efficiency in operations and federal billing. Explore the use of Ohio DOT’s innovative Planning, Engineering and Construction (PEC) Module and the 3rd Party Parts Ordering process. Presenter: Jim Snyder, MBA Administrator, Office of Accounting Ohio DOT

Montana DOT’s Network Screening in Safety Analysis


This session will review the network screening and project selection processes followed by the Montana Department of Transportation using MDT’s Safety Information Management System (SIMS). The steps involve: running network screening scenario to identify hotspots, map-based and analytical diagnosis of hotspots, project composition, economic evaluation and project selection. This screening process assists in developing the [...]

TxDOT Pavement M&R Projects with PMS Analytics


Are you juggling multiple tasks at work? Would you like to have a reports dashboard that allows you to keep track of all the work items that are important? If the answer is yes, visit the Reports Dashboards Session to see the dashboards that your peers in the industry have created. Irrespective of which role [...]