AgileAssets Introduces Summit Software for Ad-Hoc Data Analysis


Transportation and other agencies are working with billions of data points, especially around the state of their assets, and the amount and complexity of the data is growing every year. AgileAssets, a leader in global asset management software, based in Austin, Texas, is introducing a new analytic software — AgileAssets Summit — to help asset managers and other agency leaders confidently interact with and analyze their data to build, optimize, monitor and maintain roads, bridges and other vital public assets.

“We saw a need to make it easier for our customers to be able to explore their data for their decision making processes, including projects and budgets. The new solution, AgileAssets Summit, delivers unprecedented visibility into all data, thereby giving experts instant actionable knowledge to inform their decisions. As service and system providers to the Departments of Transportation in 26 states, we have extensive insight into the market and believe that Summit brings great value to asset managers on all levels. To develop a visually compelling and truly interactive product we have worked with Numetric, that has great experience with this. I can’t wait to roll out Summit to our clients in the US and abroad”, says Stuart Hudson, CEO and owner of AgileAssets

One of the hurdles of infrastructure asset management is bridging the gaps between engineering rules, data collection, data analysis, and decision-making. One of the ways AgileAssets Summit addresses this need is by empowering a maintenance operations manager to create and see a view of the accumulated direct costs for work orders, filtered by month, day, equipment, and employees. Put simply, this information can be used to dissect and analyze how money and resources are spent in a comprehensive and efficient way.

Robert Sweeney, CEO at Numetric: “AgileAssets Summit is a very user-friendly solution that makes it possible for both technical and non-technical people to extract actionable information from large data sets. We combined the power of cutting-edge technology and beautiful interactive reports to bring out the genius in everyone. The deep expertise AgileAssets has in transportation management make it a perfect partner to showcase search analytics.”

Summit allows for external access to data from anywhere, so authorized stakeholders like legislators and funding entities can view reports about the state of the infrastructure assets, and explore the data to answer specific questions. AgileAssets Summit will include pre-defined views with important data visualizations. General availability is set for November 2016.

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AgileAssets is the leading global provider of infrastructure asset management software solutions for public agencies. AgileAssets’ comprehensive, integrated software suite helps agencies throughout the world maximize asset condition, maintenance budgets, and long-term lifecycles. With more than 28 years of experience, research and education expertise, AgileAssets is a recognized leader in helping overcome ever-present budget constraints to make agencies more effective and your agency more successful.

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Numetric offers the leading business intelligence platform that combines the brains of cutting-edge technology with the beauty of interactive reports via an easy to use search-analytics interface that anyone can use. In addition to the standard KPIs, reports, and dashboards of traditional BI systems, Numetric allows you to query and interact in real-time with all your business data. Experience the confidence that comes from infinite insight into your data, fact-based decision making, and real business improvements.

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