Austin, TX – AgileAssets Inc., the leading provider of enterprise asset and maintenance management solutions, are pleased to introduce three new employees of AgileAssets:

Vlad Volobouev is joining in a new position as a Hosted Services and Deployment Manager.  In this new position, Vlad will work on managing our software release processes as well as focusing on our strategic initiative of offering a hosted solution  to our new and existing clients.  He will also be a technical resource for our clients on IT infrastructure
issues.  Prior to joining AgileAssets, Vlad was employed with Motive/Alcatel Lucent as a Hosted Services Manager.  Vlad holds a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Alaska.

Jay McFarland, PMP joins the project delivery group as a Project Manager.  Jay has a B.S. in Management of Information System and Business Management, and is pursuing his Masters in Technology Management.

Jacob Casiano is  joining as a Technical Support Analyst.  Jacob graduated from UT Austin with a B.S. in Computational Mathematics.  Prior to joining AgileAssets, Jacob worked at Pedernales Electric Cooperative provided 3rd tier support and QA.

About AgileAssets Inc.
AgileAssets Inc., originally founded in 1975, specializes in applied engineering through the development and implementation of advanced asset information systems. Their software optimizes maintenance and capital improvement budgets and extends the life of client assets through efficient management, maintenance, and deterioration forecasting. Its focus is providing assistance to government agencies and contractors that are responsible for the effective engineering and management of valuable assets.

AgileAssets Inc. is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA. For more information on AgileAssets Inc., visit their website at or contact Mr. Jason Watts, Marketing Manager, at +1 (512) 327-4200 ext. 218 or via email at

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