Phil Hardy brings 25+ years of industry experience to AgileAssets Inc.

Austin, TX  –  AgileAssets Inc. announced today that Phil Hardy has been named Linear Referencing Systems (LRS) Product Manager. Hardy brings his expertise in LRS, Traffic Routing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to AgileAssets. Hardy’s focus will be on AgileAssets’ Network Manager™ product module by refining product strategy, overseeing product planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle.

“We are thrilled to have Phil join our team,” said Stuart Hudson, CEO of AgileAssets. “His specialized knowledge and understanding of the market and customer needs as we advance our Network Manager™ will be instrumental—especially as we are currently delivering the newest software version to one of our state DOT (Department of Transportation) clients.  There is great demand for this product, and Phil plays a central role in our ability to deliver this need.”

AgileAssets’ Network Manager™ serves as the LRS (Linear Referencing System) foundation for transportation and other infrastructure that is linearly referenced—which is an extremely important capability and one that has vexed agencies for many years.  AgileAssets has now solved the location and network integrity issue.  Working closely with engineering and development at AgileAssets, Hardy will develop product technical specifications and requirements by overseeing and approving product designs, enhancements and quality.

Hardy comes to AgileAssets with a proven track record of designing and implementing innovative software products and solutions within the Transportation Industry.  As the Transportation Product Manager at Intergraph, he was the Principal author of Intergraph’s GeoTrans transportation data model and Architect of their Multilevel Linear Referencing System solution. He also designed their temporal data maintenance tools, the restrictive routing methodology used for Oversize/Overweight permitting, as well as the conflation tools for use in the Industry. “I have high hopes that the understanding of the LRS/GIS Industry that Phil offers will prove to be an invaluable tool in advancing the Network Manager Product, as well as AgileAssets as a whole”, said Hudson.

About AgileAssets Inc.:

AgileAssets Inc., originally founded in 1975, specializes in infrastructure asset management systems and helping public agencies to maximize their return on investment for the people they serve.  Their software optimizes maintenance and capital improvement budgets and extends the life of client infrastructure assets through efficient management, maintenance, and deterioration forecasting.  Its focus is providing assistance to government agencies and contractors that are responsible for the effective engineering and management of valuable infrastructure assets.

AgileAssets Inc. is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA.  For more information on AgileAssets Inc., visit their website at or contact Mr. Jason Watts, Marketing Manager, at +1 (512) 623-3218 or via email at


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