Visually Explore, Analyze and Extract Actionable Information from Your Infrastructure Asset Data with AgileAssets Summit

AUSTIN, TX. November 17, 2016

AgileAssets today announced customer availability of AgileAssets® Summit™ software for executives and other decision makers. With AgileAssets Summit, transportation agencies can make more informed decisions when deciding how to fund, build, optimize, monitor, and maintain roads, bridges and other vital public infrastructure assets.

AgileAssets Summit – Pavement Management View

“Summit is a revolutionary tool for executives and other stakeholders working with large networks of infrastructure assets, like roads and bridges,” Michael Lester, VP Products, at AgileAssets explains. “We have specifically designed this solution for all levels of the chain-of-command in transportation asset management; from the politician and the legislator to the board member and the finance expert to the project manager and the engineer. We see Summit as a key to common understanding of what it takes to keep public and private assets in the best possible condition.”

AgileAssets Summit represents a new opportunity for non-technical decision makers and stakeholders, like legislators and funding entities, to monitor the condition of infrastructure assets and preview the consequences of investment decisions without having to understand how to use an Asset Management System (AMS). It is delivered as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution so customers can get value from the solution quickly.

Screenshot of Summit software
Create graphical, map, and tabular visualizations in seconds.

“In short, Summit delivers enterprise asset management intelligence in the form of visible data – graphs, curves, maps – of all the complex and very valuable assets a road agency, city or county manage. Summit is a practical tool, while at the same time providing the big picture to all involved,” said Michael.

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