Using embedded GIS maps and advanced analytics, local governments can deliver safer, longer-lasting pavement networks.


Austin, Texas – March 23, 2021

AgileAssets, a leading global provider of transportation asset lifecycle management software solutions, has launched Pavement Express, an out-of-the-box enterprise software solution designed specifically for cities and counties.

Based on the company’s industry-leading Pavement Analyst™ solution in use for more than 25 years by state and national transportation agencies worldwide, Pavement Express is a streamlined pavement management system tailored to the needs of local governments. Using the system’s built-in GIS functionality, advanced analytics, and interactive reporting, public works officials can improve the safety and longevity of roadways and sidewalks while saving money on maintenance operations across the full lifecycle of those assets.

Pavement Express Dashboards
Pavement Express helps local agencies make smarter, data-driven work plans to maximize the benefits of their pavement investments.

“Cities and counties face many of the same challenges as large transportation agencies when it comes to keeping their infrastructure in good repair within tight budgets—but smaller agencies have much more limited resources to do so,” said Michael Lester, AgileAssets Chief Operating Officer. “That’s why we’ve kept the most sophisticated features of our globally successful pavement management product, but packaged them in a solution that’s faster and easier for cities and counties to deploy, with support to make it easier to learn and use.”

Pavement Express has several capabilities that set it apart from competing products on the market. One of its distinguishing features is true optimization analysis—a method of identifying exactly which pavement projects to fund, and when to execute them, in order to meet performance goals within the agency’s various budgetary, legislative, and other constraints.

“In contrast to simply ranking and prioritizing projects, which takes into account only one or two factors (such as asset condition and project cost), true optimization takes many variables into account, such as condition, cost, level of service, timeline, and potentially many other factors,” said Kingsley Nwosu, AgileAssets Director of Product Management. “So unlike a tool that just gives you an ordered list of projects, Pavement Express lets asset managers identify and plan the very best mix projects that will deliver the most benefits based on all the factors to consider.”

Another hallmark feature of Pavement Express is built-in GIS functionality that lets users visualize the attributes and performance of the pavement network on a map. Using embedded maps, pavement engineers and asset managers can simplify routine tasks such as geolocation and spatial analysis without needing to import geographic data from another system.

In addition, Pavement Express gives users the ability to track network performance at a glance by viewing and sharing colorful dashboards that visualize data in ways that are easy to understand. Then, with out-of-the-box interactive reports, users can drill down into the data to provide answers to stakeholder questions and show the reasoning behind strategic decisions.

For local governments with scarce IT resources, a significant advantage of Pavement Express is that it requires minimal IT staff and know-how to deploy because it is completely preconfigured. Plus, the solution is delivered through a contactless, subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which eliminates the need for the agency to invest extra resources in IT infrastructure, system security, maintenance, support, and upgrades.

“Our Pavement Express clients get the full benefit of a ready-to-use solution because they are up and running within days, making better decisions about how to meet their strategic pavement goals,” said Lester. He added that because SaaS customers get access to new features and enhancements through automated updates at no additional cost, “those users always stay up to date with the latest software version, making it easier to drive innovation at their agency and increase the benefits to the public.”

Cities and counties that rely on engineering consulting firms to support their pavement management strategies can take advantage of the AgileAssets Partner Program to get localized support through a global network of partner firms with specialized expertise.

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