Applying global expertise, Swan will help transportation agencies solve complex asset management challenges.


Austin, Texas – January 28, 2021

AgileAssets, a leading global provider of transportation asset lifecycle management software solutions, has appointed D.J. Swan, P.E., as Director of International Operations. Based in Dubai, Swan will specialize in bringing AgileAssets resources together to solve problems for transportation authorities worldwide. A key focus area will be ensuring the successful implementation of AgileAssets solution deployments and long-term positive outcomes for customers.

DJ Swan
D.J. Swan, P.E., Director of International Operations at AgileAssets

“We’re pleased to welcome D.J. as an integral part of the AgileAssets mission to provide government and private agencies with solutions to deliver safer, more economical transportation infrastructure,” said Pascal Laumet, Ph.D., AgileAssets Vice President of International Sales and Operations. “Our global customers and partners will benefit from D.J.’s deep understanding of the needs of transportation authorities and his ability to convey effective strategies for saving time and money using data-driven asset management practices.”

Swan brings extensive transportation industry experience to his new role, with rich expertise in roadway materials, design, and construction as well as infrastructure asset management. Originally from Canada, he has devoted the past 20 years to research, analysis, and strategic leadership in the field of pavement and transportation asset management. He has worked in Canada, the U.S., and, most recently, in the United Arab Emirates.

With expertise in internationally diverse transportation systems—ranging from ancient streets in Europe to gleaming new stretches of roadway in the Middle East— Swan will continue to apply his engineering background as he helps AgileAssets clients and their business partners solve strategic challenges. One focus area will be helping national, regional, and local governments to adopt a preservation-focused approach to keeping their transportation assets in good repair.

“Maintaining a complex transportation system is a bit like maintaining a car,” said Swan. “You need to pay a little money for oil changes now, so you don’t have to pay a lot of money to replace the engine later.” Similarly, he added, “funds spent on preventive maintenance of a road, bridge, or other infrastructure asset can yield a fivefold return on investment across the asset lifecycle.”

From understanding government hierarchies and comprehending the complexities of Brexit, to grasping the wide range of climates and priorities that may affect each country’s roadways and transportation standards, Swan said he enjoys the challenge. He added that he’ll also work closely with AgileAssets’ growing Partner Program as part of the company’s international expansion.

“We value the collaboration with local engineering and IT partners who bring specialized expertise to support our customers in areas from strategic planning and data capture to system implementation and ongoing support,” he noted.

Swan joins AgileAssets as the company continues to serve customers across five continents, including Highways England and Connect Plus Services in the UK, the Road and Transport Authority in Dubai, the Directorate General of Highways in Indonesia, and many more. Last year, the company passed a milestone of 25 years as a global innovator in the transportation industry.


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