Software executive brings value to local and state transportation agencies through client-focused teamwork.


Austin, Texas – July 14, 2020

AgileAssets, a leading global provider of transportation asset lifecycle management solutions, has named Greg Earp as Director of Sales. Earp will lead teams across the United States to deliver the highest value to city, county, and state transportation agencies that use AgileAssets web-based and mobile solutions to manage their infrastructure assets.

Greg Earp, Director of Sales at AgileAssets

A seasoned leader in the software industry and a longtime advisor to government entities, Earp has excelled as an AgileAssets senior account executive for the past 5 years, helping public works organizations and state transportation departments identify, select, and implement solutions to their asset management challenges. His work has resulted in successful AgileAssets collaborations with dozens of transportation organizations.

Earp also helped onboard two major East Coast agencies into the AgileAssets client community: New York City Department of Transportation—one of the largest and most complex metropolitan road networks in the world—and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, a statewide toll road authority with an annual operating budget of more than $432 million.

“Greg has long been respected by AgileAssets clients for his ability to listen closely to what agencies need, passionately champion the solutions they are looking for, and bring teams together to promote client success,” said AgileAssets Chief Operating Officer Michael Lester. “In his new role, Greg will continue to nurture client relationships on a broader scale and support AgileAssets staff in solving customer challenges.”

Earp now oversees a diverse group of account executives, solution engineers, and contracting professionals who support a wide range of client needs—from helping to define an agency’s strategic asset management priorities to demonstrating AgileAssets solution capabilities and facilitating smooth collaborative business practices that ensure long-term agency success.

With a distinguished 25-year career history spanning a variety of leadership roles in software engineering and business, Earp brings a breadth of industry experience and relevant knowledge to his new position. He began his career working for the federal government and later spent more than 7 years at IBM focusing on state and local asset management.

“My background helps me gain a full picture of the client’s situation, including IT, engineering, purchasing, operations, and executive leadership,” said Earp. “As a proactive business partner, my goal is to address each client’s needs in an efficient, transparent way.”

Earp takes pride in modeling AgileAssets core values, including being trustworthy, treating people with respect, and being easy to do business with.

“My personal mission is to drive maximum value for AgileAssets clients and help my team do the same,” he said. “That means providing agencies with the solutions to make the best use of public funds to ensure safer, longer-lasting infrastructure.”

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