Keynote speaker, Mr. Mikkel Bruun

At a well-visited conference in Birmingham, United Kingdom, asset management experts and decision makers saw Dr. Pascal Laumet and Mr. Mikkel Bruun, both from AgileAssets, presenting news and info from the US and Europe respectively.

The DIHA (Developments in Highways Assessment) is an annual conference, hosted by AgileAssets’s good business acquaintance, Fugro-Aperio Limited. Here, approximately 80 conference participants met to discuss the latest developments in highway asset management.

As the keynote speaker, Mr. Mikkel Bruun focused on the European road authorities newly found understanding of the road users as the primary stakeholders for asset management. He suggested a shift in perception with the experts and decision makers towards new indicators of successful service, including issues like safety and mobility. He also touched upon the opportunity for using (cross) asset management as a support tool for fundraising and to showcase the societal benefits of road and transport infrastructure to the road users and to the decision makers.

Dr. Pascal Laumet gave a presentation of the current state-of-the-art of asset management in the US, including cross-asset optimization, trade-off analysis and integration of different systems (pavement, bridges, mobility, fleet, resources, etc.). He underlined the need of asset managers to think out of the box and away from the silos and work towards a coordinated enterprise, where the big picture is painted for all to see. He backed up his statements by showing examples from three cases: Florida, with a total savings of $12 million by going from “worst first” to best first” in road works, Newark, who reduced the deterioration rate by $9 million and North Carolina Department of Transportation who implemented the Trade-Off Analysts, between Assets, utilizing data for each asset group to prioritize maintenance needs.

President of AgileAssets, Stuart Hudson, also attended the conference, meeting with European colleagues.

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See part of Pascal’s presentation below.

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