November 10-14, 2013, AgileAssets will be in Riyadh, attending in and presenting at the 17th IRF World Meeting. The subject of the presentation will be integrated asset management, based on the deliverance of a comprehensive system solution to North Carolina Department of Transportation. Dr. Pascal Laumet and Dr. Abhishek Bhargava wrote the paper that will be presented by Mikkel Bruun, along with a set of posters at an interactive session.

Forum for decisions
Established in Washington, D.C. in 1948, The International Road Federation is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with 116 member countries across six continents. The stated mission of the IRF is to ” encourage and promote development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable roads and road networks worldwide”.

Basically, the IRF is a networking and knowledge-sharing platform for decision makers and experts across the globe. Several large organizations, such as the American Association Of State Highways And Transportation Officials, several national road federations, universities and large companies form the basis of the IRF.

The World Meeting and Exhibition features more that 60 technical sessions and interactive sessions, as well as exhibitions inside 11 themes, including policy, safety, sustainability, mobility, security, asset management, construction and public-private partnerships.

Local presence
The Middle East venue of the IRF meeting is not new to AgileAssets, since we have both the Emirate of Dubai and the Saudi Arabian oil Giant, Saudi Aramco, as very loyal clients. Saudi Aramco actually just recently signed a five year extension contract on a PMS.

So obviously we are using the conference to boost our presence in the MENAs (Middle East and North Africa). This is in part achieved by having bilateral meetings with other global companies, providing consulting to the region, primarily on PMS and BMS, but also performing data collection of infrastructure and inventories. This goes for the Spanish APPLUS, the Australian ARRB, the American DBI and several other players in the market of Asset Management.  The goal is to establish AgileAssets as a natural partner and front figure in this region, as well as in Europe.

Holistic approach
All in all, there seems to be a good match between AgileAssets comprehensive (or: holistic) approach to asset management, exemplified by the North Carolina case, and the explicit mission of the IRF to “support the planning and execution of economically and environmentally sound programs for the improvement and extension of road networks”. The paper, titled “ Using an integrated asset management system to perform corridor-level analysis for planning and scheduling bridge and pavement projects” will be presented Wednesday.


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