Web and mobile applications enhance efficiency using maps and new features.


Austin, Texas – April 22, 2020 – AgileAssets Inc., a leading global provider of Saas and mobile solutions for transportation asset lifecycle management, has released Version 7.5 of its enterprise solution. The updated solution gives asset inspection and maintenance teams new ways to simplify fieldwork and save time using map-based web and mobile applications.

The new release includes an enhanced version of the AgileAssets Structures Inspector™ web application, which helps teams efficiently manage the inventory and inspections of structures such as bridges, large culverts, and overhead signs. The solution now supports the management of tunnels using the specifications of the National Tunnel Inventory (NTI) and Tunnel Operations, Maintenance, Inspection and Evaluation Manual (TOMIE). This expanded functionality results in timelier, more accurate inspections, better compliance with national reporting requirements and performance standards, and safer infrastructure for the public.

Additional enhancements apply to the Structures Inspector™ mobile application, which works online and offline to simplify the bridge inspection process and improve the accuracy of collected data. Inspectors now have an easier way to attach photos and sketches to the inspection record as evidence of the asset condition. This streamlined process helps reduce inspection time while improving the inspector’s user experience.

The updated solution also improves the user experience and productivity of maintenance crews using the enhanced AgileAssets Work Manager™ mobile application. Version 7.5 features satellite base maps, an interactive address-search feature, and automatic panning and zooming to show a target location on the map. Crew members can also eliminate extra clicks by simply pinching and zooming to automatically download detailed map tiles. The map-centered mobile application helps crews save time by quickly finding their work locations and supports effective scheduling and work management.

“As virtual workplaces become increasingly common, field workers using AgileAssets solutions are already benefiting from mobile technologies that promote flexibility and efficiency at remote work locations,” said AgileAssets Chief Operating Officer Michael Lester. “The improvements in AgileAssets v7.5 demonstrate our responsiveness to customer requests and our ongoing commitment to making our solutions better and easier to use.”

The enhanced applications are part of a comprehensive suite of integrated AgileAssets solutions that help agencies manage the full lifecycle of their transportation assets—from pavements, bridges, and roadway assets to fleets, facilities, and more. Used by national, state, and local agencies in more than 15 countries worldwide and 22 states across the United States, AgileAssets solutions are available through a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that makes them faster to deploy, more secure, easier to upgrade, and more affordable than traditional on-premise systems.

In line with a growing trend in the IT industry, government agencies are increasingly favoring SaaS solutions because they offer higher system performance with lower risks while helping agencies stay up to date with new software releases.

“With the combination of SaaS and mobile solutions, our customers can focus more on their core business,” said Lester. “SaaS eliminates an agency’s dependence on legacy hardware infrastructure, and the subscription keeps users current with the latest solution enhancements—without any additional cost or upgrade effort.”

The most recent AgileAssets solution enhancements also reflect the company’s core values, which include being easy to do business with and helping customers be “superheroes” in the eyes of their constituents.

“By continually enhancing our solutions to provide customers with more flexibility and control over how they do their jobs—in the office and in the field, online and offline—we’re helping them give back more value to society in the form of safer, more reliable infrastructure networks,” said Lester.

Learn more about What’s New in AgileAssets v7.5 and watch a quick demo video.

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AgileAssets is a leading global provider of SaaS and mobile solutions for transportation asset lifecycle management. From advanced analytics and strategic decision-making to day-to-day maintenance operations, AgileAssets solutions help cities, counties, states, and countries worldwide deliver safer, more reliable road networks and achieve the highest return on infrastructure investments.

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