Software Helps City Planners Make Better Decisions for Road Maintenance and Preservation.

AUSTIN, TX, March 7, 2016 – AgileAssets Inc., a leading global software company headquartered in Austin, today announced that the City of Austin selected AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™ software to replace their legacy pavement management system.  The City of Austin, Public Works, Street and Bridge Operations manages 7,582 lane miles of pavement and 450 bridges for almost 1 million city residents. The annual cost of maintaining this infrastructure is about $12M for capital improvement projects, $13M for street preventative maintenance treatments, and $6M for routine roadway repairs like fixing potholes.

The City of Austin’s primary goal in implementing the new Pavement Management System is to increase resource productivity and maximize pavement life at the lowest cost to taxpayers. With AgileAssets Pavement Analyst, planners are able to make more informed decisions on when, where and how to tackle strategic and operational challenges, achieving highest possible return on road network investments.

“In our two decades of producing transportation infrastructure management software, we have led the industry from a world of paper forms and stand‐alone spreadsheets into highly sophisticated enterprise software solutions.  Our industry leading software improves business processes and data analysis, and provides the ability to maximize the return on investment in transportation infrastructure for our clients,” said Stuart Hudson, P.E., president, AgileAssets Inc. “Our software tools enable transportation asset managers to save millions of taxpayer dollars through smart planning, which enhances the value of expensive transportation infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and traffic control devices. Good asset management also greatly benefits the road users with improved safety and mobility and reduced road user costs. As a taxpayer, I am happy to now include my own hometown of Austin into our portfolio of progressive clients who are managing their public infrastructure with the best available technology.  As the CEO of AgileAssets I am proud that we are able to help keep our city on the forefront of infrastructure management technology to provide smooth, safe, and free flowing roadways.”

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AgileAssets is the leading global provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions in use by 21 state departments of transportation across the US and in 13 countries. AgileAssets’ proven solutions enable a systematic process for the complete life cycle management of infrastructure assets, including optimization of the decision making process, which allows our clients to more effectively allocate funding and to achieve the highest possible ROI.

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