Israel-based engineering and geology consulting firm helps deliver quality infrastructure.

The familiar mantra, “Think globally, act locally,” has for decades guided advocacy efforts on behalf of a more interconnected, sustainable world. The AgileAssets Partner Program demonstrates a similar philosophy through a carefully vetted network of specialized service providers offering localized support to infrastructure operators on six continents.

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This month, AgileAssets welcomes a new partner to its global network: Geokom LTD, a civil engineering and geological services consulting firm serving clients in Israel and Eastern Europe. As a certified partner, Geokom will help government, municipal, and private organizations more effectively manage roads, bridges, and tunnels by providing data collection, project management, and quality management services along with consulting services that incorporate the advanced analytical capabilities of AgileAssets solutions.

Bridge leading to Jerusalem
Geokom oversees the construction of a major bridge leading to Jerusalem.
Local Knowlege, Wide-Ranging Expertise

Headquartered in Tirat Carmel, Israel, Geokom is the country’s largest provider of road survey data. The company also provides certified surveys of bridges and other structures as well as state-of-the art surveying services for tunnels using a unique combination of technology and expertise based on road and structure surveys.

Drawing on decades of rich experience managing road and bridge maintenance operations, Geokom supports infrastructure operators in a full range of asset management projects, from strategic planning to long-term preservation, maintenance, and rehabilitation.

“By offering the benefits of AgileAssets solutions, we aim to help our clients make even more informed decisions about their infrastructure investments,” said Amnon Ravina, Manager and Engineering Geologist at Geokom. “Combined with our engineering expertise, AgileAssets analytics gives clients a more complete picture of the lifecycle trajectory of their transportation assets, so they may then take the right actions, on time, to preserve them longer and maintain them in safe, reliable condition.”

Integrated Technologies to Streamline Operations

A key benefit for Geokom customers is the company’s use of automated data collection equipment that integrates with the AgileAssets solution to provide industry-leading analytical capabilities. This integrated approach makes use of data-collection vehicles such as road profilers that capture panoramic input not only from surface sensors, but also from multiple top-mounted cameras to simulate 360-degree vision.

These vehicles are equipped with GPS receivers provided by AgileAssets’ parent company Trimble to deliver precise geospatial information to computers mounted inside the vehicles. All this collected data is seamlessly imported into the AgileAssets platform to provide a unified source of reliable information for subsequent analysis and decision-making. The use of integrated technologies across connected workflows means better cross-team communication and more efficient operations for Geokom and its clients.

Road surveying vehicle
Geokom’s road surveying vehicle uses Trimble’s GPS technology.

Similarly, Geokom’s state-of-the-art tunnel survey methodology streamlines the process of gathering condition data for the preventive and routine maintenance of tunnel assets. Using scanning equipment that detects tunnel surface deformities, cracks, leakage, and other signs of deterioration, Geokom is able to perform a tunnel survey in just days—not the months it would take to do this same work manually. This vast increase in operational efficiency translates into fewer traffic disruptions for road users.

Plus, when integrated into the AgileAssets solution, Geokom’s collected tunnel data provides the basis for asset managers to create optimized work plans using GIS map layers showing tunnel attributes and condition states. Using predictive analysis, asset managers may visualize how tunnel performance will change over various time spans, depending on the allocated budget, maintenance treatments, network-level performance targets, and other constraints. By comparing various scenarios, tunnel managers may make the best-informed decisions about how to meet the asset lifecycle goals for their network.

Jerusalem tunnel
Integrated technologies will help maintain this tunnel.
Flexibility to Support Networks of Any Size

Geokom’s diverse client base features organizations with transportation networks of various sizes, including national, provincial, and municipal road authorities as well as port and airport authorities. Current Geokom clients include the largest road authority in Israel (Netivey Israel LTD), the country’s largest provincial road authority (Netivey Ayalon), the municipality of Jerusalem, and the Port of Haifa.

“Because AgileAssets solutions are highly flexible and configurable, we are able to support all our clients with the same caliber of advanced analytical capabilities regardless of whether they manage five or 50,000 infrastructure assets,” said Ravina. “We especially look forward to helping more municipalities modernize their road asset management practices using the optimization analysis functionality that AgileAssets solutions provide.”

A Track Record of Quality

Founded in 1993, Geokom has a distinguished reputation for professionalism and service quality. The company’s engineers have been instrumental in establishing Israeli standards for road construction and materials by serving on standardization committees and by advising professional associations under the auspices of Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry. Geokom is certified in accordance with the globally recognized ISO 9001 standards of quality management, quality assurance, and quality control.

Quality control for construction of a hospital in Jerusalem
Geokom conducts quality control during hospital construction.

“We are very pleased to welcome Geokom as a partner,” said Joe Garvey, Chief Growth Officer at AgileAssets. “With their emphasis on quality and their expertise in surveying and maintenance operations, our Geokom partners will help customers reap the benefits of integrated AgileAssets solutions and Trimble technologies to deliver even higher infrastructure value.”

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