Agency Modernizes National Highway Strategy Using Advanced Analytics

November 6, 2019 –  The Indonesian Directorate General of Highways, known as Bina Marga, took first prize in the 2019 AgileAssets® Excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management (AXIAM) Awards, which recognize organizations that deliver value to the traveling public by managing infrastructure assets in innovative ways using AgileAssets solutions. Bina Marga earned the award for adopting a groundbreaking, data-driven approach to maximize nationwide road transportation quality, improve safety, and reduce maintenance costs using the advanced analytics of an integrated AgileAssets solution.

As part of Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works, Bina Marga had set an ambitious goal of modernizing its national road strategy by acquiring the capabilities to implement industry-leading transportation asset management practices. The agency reached its goal in 2018 by engaging AgileAssets, a leading global provider of infrastructure asset lifecycle management software, to deliver a fully integrated, enterprise solution to help manage Indonesia’s 30,000 miles (47,000 km) of roads and 18,000 bridges.

The AgileAssets solution also helps Bina Marga improve road safety, maximize asset lifecyles, and conduct cross-asset tradeoff analysis, which enables the agency to make the best use of infrastructure funding while improving road performance nationwide.

“We congratulate Indonesia on achieving an unprecedented caliber of transportation quality and innovation that will benefit the traveling public for generations to come,” said AgileAssets CEO Stuart Hudson, P.E. “The AXIAM Award affirms industry recognition of Bina Marga’s forward-thinking approach, and we hope it inspires other agencies to take ownership of moving their transportation management strategies forward with similar energy and success.”

AgileAssets partnered with Esri Indonesia, a supplier of geographic information systems software, to provide Bina Marga with advanced location mapping and spatial analysis capabilities, and worked alongside Global Tekno Tritama, a local IT consulting firm, to ensure a smooth deployment of the AgileAssets solution.

As the world’s fourth most populous country, Indonesia is home to more than 261 million residents and spans more than 17,500 islands, including coastal plains and mountain regions. The nation’s economy depends on being able to move people and goods across a complex road network exposed to the environmental extremes of its equatorial climate. Despite mostly warm temperatures, Indonesia is subject to monsoons, typhoons, rapid ocean currents, and even sporadic tundra conditions, which pose challenges for maintaining infrastructure reliability and road safety.

“Bina Marga demonstrates extraordinary commitment to serving the public by ensuring its roadway performance will be able to keep pace with the nation’s growing economy,” said Pascal Laumet, Ph.D., Vice President of International Sales and Operations at AgileAssets. “The agency’s collaborative efforts and innovative results are worthy of the prestige that comes with winning the AXIAM Award.”

The award ceremony took place at AgileAssets Xchange 2019, a global user conference and networking event for AgileAssets clients and business partners hosted in Austin, Texas. The winner was voted by Xchange attendees—among them transportation industry leaders from public and private agencies in seven countries, including 4 Canadian provinces and 26 U.S. states.

The other AXIAM Award nominees included AgileAssets clients Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Minnesota Department of Transportation (2019 AXIAM Award runner-up), Montana Department of Transportation (2016 AXIAM Award winner), Oklahoma Department of Transportation (2018 AXIAM Award winner), Quebec Ministry of Transport, and Wyoming Department of Transportation.

About Directorate General of Highways – Bina Marga

The role of Direktorat Jenderal Bina Marga (Directorate General of Highways, or “Bina Marga”) is to realize a sustainable national road network with adequate mobility, accessibility, and safety, including serving local, regional, and national strategic activity centers. Bina Marga reports to Indonesia’s Minister of Public Works and Housing.

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