Provider of equipment, software, and services helps improve road safety.

Austin, Texas – November 10, 2021 – International Cybernetics (ICC), a company that provides industry-leading products and services to measure road condition and safety, has joined the AgileAssets Partner Program. As an AgileAssets partner, ICC will help public and private organizations improve their pavement data collection, analysis, and decision-making using an array of offerings, including specialized equipment, software solutions, testing, and other services.

The Florida-based firm designs and builds automated data collection vehicles, including pavement imaging and high-speed profiling equipment, as part of its Integrated Road Information System, IrisPRO Pave. The all-in-one system keeps data synchronized and links well with commonly used subsystems to facilitate efficient and reliable data collection.

In addition, ICC is the world’s leading integrator of the LCMS-2 laser crack measurement system, which captures continuous 2D and 3D images of asphalt and concrete roadways, providing visualizations and characterization of all features on the road surface. Other notable ICC products include surface friction testers that identify roadway safety problems and SurPRO reference devices used by 75% of U.S. state departments of transportation (DOTs) to establish validation site baselines.

Of particular interest for AgileAssets clients is ICC’s Connect™ software, which summarizes and exports pavement data directly into the AgileAssets solution to facilitate the effective management of pavements, structures, and roadway safety. With built-in support for data quality management plan (DQMP) requirements, ICC software helps ensure data integrity as the foundation for successful data analysis and decision-making.

“By offering AgileAssets solutions alongside our own products and services, we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive pavement asset planning, budget development, and preservation support,” said Michael Robson, Director of Business Development at ICC. “With AgileAssets’ robust forecasting and deterioration modeling engine, we can identify the right pavement management strategy at the right time for the right road—and can visually illustrate the impact of budget reductions and increases for stakeholders.”

Serving state DOTs and ministries of transport (MOTs) along with counties, municipalities, and civil engineering firms since 1975, ICC has a successful track record as a trusted collaborator and adviser to clients throughout the United States and Canada, and provides products to customers worldwide.

“We look forward to working with AgileAssets to provide access to sophisticated analysis software solutions for pavement and other assets so that our clients can make the most well-informed decisions about their infrastructure investments,” said Jason Trotter, Director of Business Development at ICC.

“International Cybernetics is a valuable addition to the AgileAssets community and our global Partner Program,” said Joe Garvey, Chief Growth Officer at AgileAssets. “We are very excited to join forces with this globally established firm to share the benefits of AgileAssets solutions with agencies large and small that are looking to deliver safer and longer-lasting roadway networks.”


About International Cybernetics (ICC)

ICC designs and builds equipment for road condition surveys, construction quality control, road asset inventory, and calibration site setup. Our powerful software analyzes and summarizes the data for import into pavement management, asset management, and geographic information systems. ICC also provides testing services throughout United States and Canada.


About AgileAssets

AgileAssets is a leading global provider of SaaS and mobile solutions for transportation asset lifecycle management. From advanced analytics and strategic decision-making to day-to-day maintenance operations, AgileAssets solutions help cities, counties, states, and countries worldwide deliver safer, more reliable road networks and achieve the highest return on infrastructure investments.

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