Copenhagen, Denmark, 4 June 2014 – AgileAssets Inc., the leading global provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions for public agencies and private enterprise, today announced the introduction of a new tool for European decision makers in road and bridge operations.

The AgileAssets® Trade-Off Analyst™ software is a decision optimization tool for more effective funding allocations across programs and asset types. Trade-off Analyst software enables managers of large road and bridge infrastructures to foresee and plan for necessary investments many years ahead to achieve higher performance and investment return. Properly used it can maximize the road operator’s performance by analyzing different periods and project constraints and point you towards the best decision.

Stuart Hudson, P.E., CEO of AgileAssets Inc., will introduce the Trade-Off Analyst software tool on June 4, 2014 at the International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences Optimization (OPT-i), which will take place in Kos Island, Greece. The presentation is based on AgileAssets’s research and experiences from a number of transportation agencies in the United States, which are using AgileAssets software solutions. The results from the U.S. are aligned well with European needs for advanced and comprehensive asset management.

“We now supply 40% of American states with our software and the feedback is very positive. We have seen several examples of road administrations that have saved hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars by deploying AgileAssets’ analysis tools to their business methods. It is not a magic wand we are offering, rather simply the newest and fastest way of calculating and planning your daily maintenance as well as long-term strategic planning,” says the CEO. “I am proud to say that we have established a solid client base in the US as well as the Middle East, which has given us the confidence to offer our solutions to the transportation agencies throughout the European market, which is very interesting in terms of diverse infrastructure and a high level of public transport and co-modality. We already have two projects in progress in Europe and have begun negotiations with several national transportation agencies, and I am confident that we can assist the decision makers here in their effort to provide the best possible infrastructure for the budgets available”, says Stuart Hudson.

Mr. Hudson’s presentation is just one out of three papers being presented by AgileAssets at the OPT-i conference. The three paper presentations are:

  • Trade-off analysis for Transportation Agencies: Two Approaches to the Cross-Asset Problem (Stuart Hudson, Alexander Galenko)
  • Bridge Management: Optimization Model Reduced Formulations and Practical Applications (Pascal Laumet, Siamak Saliminejad, Tonya Scheinberg)
  • Pavement Analyst: Theoretical Models and Practical Applications (Alexander Galenko, Joe Garvey, Tonya Scheinberg)

AgileAssets’ infrastructure asset management software solutions are fully browser-based, facilitating accessibility and eliminating IT deployment issues. AgileAssets offers flexible system delivery options including client hosted delivery, managed hosted delivery and cloud hosted (subscription) delivery. AgileAssets also supports clients with comprehensive implementation and training services.

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