As the population grows rapidly in Idaho, the focus on maintaining roadways and infrastructure has made its way to the forefront of the Idaho Transportation Department’s (ITD) initiatives for the New Year. With a growth rate of over 20% from 2009 to 2010, and continued growth projected for 2011, the increase in population will inevitably bring an increase in use and abuse of roadways. To combat past and future degradation of the roadway infrastructure, ITD chose AgileAssets Inc. to integrate a new Transportation Asset Management System (TAMS).

When they recognized the need to replace their existing pavement and maintenance management systems, ITD put together a team to identify a solution that could best provide guidance for resource allocation and highway pavement investments. In the fall of 2009, ITD selected AgileAssets Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas, to implement the new system and tools necessary to evaluate current infrastructure conditions and resources. Tom Cole, Chief Engineer; Division of Highways, at ITD, has been “looking forward to upgrading the system for quite some time” and is excited about the implementation and promise of more effective decision making capabilities.

The legacy system was cutting edge at the time of implementation, but was far out-lived according to Cole.  The ability to “maximize dollars, and keep deficient pavement numbers down are the main benefits of the new project”, says Cole. “It will allow ITD to use the right treatment in the right place at the right time.” While, 84% of vehicles are driving on roads rated “Good or Better”, a large percentage of less traveled roads have been overlooked.   The new software produces graphic summaries and data necessary to make informed management decisions regarding the entire twelve thousand miles of pavement in Idaho and to most economically allocate available funds. The system compiles data to recommend treatments to engineers, asset managers and administrators who have the responsibility to provide the public with the best possible pavements, bridges, and facilities in the most economical way.

In order to meet the need for a distributed pavement management system that would allow cost-effective decisions to be made at every level, ITD chose AgileAssets products and services for both pavement and maintenance management.  The ability to share information between Pavement Engineers and Maintenance teams will prove an invaluable resource for ITD.

About ITD:
The duties of the transportation department involve all modes of state wide transportation to move interstate commerce, out-of-state visitors and Idaho’s 1.2 million population.

About AgileAssets Inc.:
AgileAssets Inc., originally founded in 1975, specializes in applied engineering through the development and implementation of advanced infrastructure asset information systems.  Their software optimizes maintenance and capital improvement budgets and extends the life of client infrastructure assets through efficient management, maintenance, and deterioration forecasting.  Its focus is providing assistance to government agencies and contractors that are responsible for the effective engineering and management of valuable infrastructure assets.
AgileAssets Inc. is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA.  For more information on AgileAssets Inc., visit their website at or contact Mr. Jason Watts, Marketing Manager, at +1 (512) 623-3218 or via email at

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