Global engineering firm helps transportation organizations apply data-driven strategies to improve infrastructure investments.

Austin, Texas & Lyon, France – May 17, 2021

PavExpert, a global transportation engineering consulting firm, is now established as a Market Partner in AgileAssets’ global Partner Program. By joining the program, PavExpert now has the capabilities to introduce advanced asset management solutions to clients in Europe, Africa, and South America.

Pascal Trottier CEO PavExpert
Pascal Trottier, CEO, PavExpert

The new collaboration comes at a time when transportation organizations have a growing need to use funds more effectively to deliver safer, longer-lasting roadways, bridges, and other infrastructure assets.

“In recent years, we have seen an increased demand for advice on how to create long-term asset management strategies with data-driven procedures that can help inform investments in infrastructure maintenance and operations,” said Pascal Trottier, CEO of PavExpert. “AgileAssets software solutions help us meet these requirements, and I am proud that we are now able to help our clients benefit from these expanded analytical capabilities.”

AgileAssets has a 26-year history of innovation as a provider of solutions that help local, state, and national governments more cost-effectively manage their transportation networks through a focus on long-term preventive maintenance that helps eliminate the need for more expensive large-scale repairs.

“By helping our public sector clients implement AgileAssets solutions, we can provide them precisely what infrastructure managers need, which is analytics to improve the efficiency, timing, and cost-effectiveness of their investments and resources,” said Trottier.

In addition to reducing the long-term costs of public infrastructure upkeep, AgileAssets solutions will make it easier for organizations to use the software from anywhere, without needing to install expensive servers or rely on in-house IT support. PavExpert will help organizations access the solution through a cloud-hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that includes system hardware, security, maintenance, support, and automatic updates as part of an annual subscription.

“With AgileAssets SaaS solutions, our clients can focus on their business priorities rather than devoting added effort and staff to keeping their system up and running,” said Trottier.

PavExpert will join the global community of engineering firms, data collection companies, IT consultants, and other specialized service providers that make up the AgileAssets Partner Program. The goal of the program is to provide expertise and localized support to help transportation organizations get the most value from AgileAssets solutions.

“We are happy to welcome PavExpert into our Partner Program,” said Dr. Pascal Laumet, Vice President of International Business Development and Operations at AgileAssets. “I look forward to bringing the benefits of AgileAssets solutions to new clients and markets through this professional partnership.”

PavExpert + AgileAssets

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