Colombia-based engineering consulting firm helps generate technical and economic benefits from pavement infrastructure.

The science of infrastructure lifecycle management depends increasingly on data—collecting it, ensuring its integrity, and using it to make informed, actionable decisions. These are the areas of expertise that Pavinfra, an engineering consulting firm based in Bogotá, Colombia, brings to the table as the newest member of the AgileAssets Global Partner Program.

Pavinfra—known officially as Pavimentos e Infraestructura SAS—specializes in a wide range of services to support the full lifecycle of pavement assets—from data collection and pavement design to asset management, quality control, and rehabilitation design. As a certified AgileAssets partner, Pavinfra will help road concessionaires, contractors, and other consulting firms create and implement long-term strategic maintenance plans for highways and other pavement assets using the advanced analytical capabilities of AgileAssets solutions.

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Focus on Solving Pavement Problems

With offices in Colombia and Peru, Pavinfra serves clients in those two countries as well as in Ecuador and Panama. Since 2007, the company has built a strong reputation as a one-stop resource for organizations looking to deliver high-quality pavement infrastructure asset management—including roads and airports—using state-of-the-art technology and efficient, proven processes.

“As a company, we are committed to solving the vast array of problems associated with delivering safe, efficient, sustainable pavement infrastructure”, said Silvia Valentina Pérez Salazar, Principal Pavement Engineer and Project Manager at Pavinfra. “To do that, in addition to our expertise, we also rely on engineering and economic algorithms to process information from the pavement condition database so that we can define long-term routine and periodic maintenance strategies.”

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Silvia Valentina Pérez Salazar, Principal Pavement Engineer and Project Manager at Pavinfra

That’s where AgileAssets solutions come into play, said Ms. Pérez Salazar. “To meet national regulatory standards, road owners’ contractual requirements, and road network performance targets, our clients need to take numerous factors into account to truly optimize their pavement plans”, she said. “AgileAssets provides the best solution on the market to perform true optimization analysis, which is critical for helping our clients select the right mix of pavement projects to meet their budgetary, performance, and other objectives.”

Pavinfra has implemented AgileAssets Pavement Analyst™, an advanced pavement management system, for several road concessions in Colombia. The solution helps pavement operators deliver safer, longer-lasting pavements while saving money on maintenance costs.

Pavinfra developed a 30-year pavement plan for a road concessionaire in Latin America.
Collecting & Connecting Data

One of the capabilities that set Pavinfra apart is the ability to provide road inventories using video technology and the company’s own proprietary software. The firm uses a variety of non-destructive tests and measurement techniques to diagnose and monitor the functional and structural pavement condition. With a state-of-the-art, in-house lab, Pavinfra also conducts in-depth analysis of pavement samples for geotechnical evaluation.

But collecting data is just the start of a complex process that follows each pavement asset through its full lifecycle. Providing ongoing visibility into the data as conditions evolve over time allows Pavinfra to support clients in adapting their strategies through environmental and other changes.

“Not only are we able to record and view information on any road asset for our clients, but we’re also able to use processes to connect people, systems, and assets transparently and efficiently,” said Ms. Pérez Salazar. “We’re overcoming traditional IT problems and making the relevant data accessible to our clients anytime, anywhere, on whatever devices they use.”

Today’s Technologies for Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

With increasing global attention on the need for sustainable, cost-effective infrastructure to deliver social and economic benefits for the public, Pavinfra is preparing to help more clients modernize their infrastructure strategies through data-driven processes and connected technologies in the coming years. The company plans to implement AgileAssets solutions for at least three more road concessions in Colombia in the near future.

“We are very pleased to count Pavinfra as part of our global partner network,” said Joe Garvey, Senior Global Director of Partner Programs at Trimble, AgileAssets’ parent company. “Pavinfra’s track record with clients in Latin America shows they are harnessing today’s most advanced technologies—including AgileAssets solutions—to add enormous engineering value while meeting the end-to-end needs of pavement infrastructure operators for the long run.”

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