Award-winning firm provides infrastructure asset management services for local and state governments.

Austin, Texas – November 16, 2021 – Summit Design and Engineering Services, a multidisciplinary consulting firm serving the public and private sectors, has joined the AgileAssets global Partner Program. As an AgileAssets partner, Summit will provide clients with industry-leading infrastructure asset management solutions along with innovative design and end-to-end project management to deliver resilient and impactful infrastructure projects.

With specialties in transportation design, maintenance management, surveying and geomatics, structural engineering, water resources, and many other facets of community development, Summit will help government agencies improve the safety and performance of infrastructure assets using the advanced analytics of AgileAssets solutions for strategic planning and decision-making.

“Funding is limited, so government agencies need to make the most of their infrastructure investments,” said Britt McCurry, PE, Program Manager at Summit. “With AgileAssets solutions, we can provide our clients with better visibility into the current and future state of their transportation networks so that agencies will know which types of maintenance activities to do—and where and when to do them—to get the greatest long-term benefits.”

For Summit, partnering with AgileAssets means being able to help state and local agencies take a holistic approach by using a single, web-based platform to manage all types of transportation infrastructure—from roadways, bridges, sidewalks, and greenways to signage, signals, striping, and “virtually any other asset,” said McCurry. “Instead of focusing on one piece of the asset portfolio, this integrated approach brings together the whole puzzle for our clients.”

Another advantage for Summit clients is the flexibility to configure the AgileAssets solution to their specific needs. ”We can drill down and tailor the solution to fit the agency’s unique business processes,” said McCurry. “Instead of spreadsheets, we will generate interactive reports and dashboards that provide quick answers to stakeholder questions.”

A critical component of these reports are multi-layer geographic information system (GIS) maps that display various levels of information—from asset inventory, condition, and inspection data to real-time information on maintenance activity locations, including planned and completed work.

“With GIS and spatial analysis capabilities built into the AgileAssets solution, our clients will get a more complete picture of the status of their infrastructure network and can look into the future to see the impact of planned projects.”

Headquartered in Hillsborough, North Carolina, with offices throughout that state and in Virginia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Florida, and Colorado, Summit is licensed to practice in 14 U.S. states. The firm has received several engineering excellence awards, including those from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of North Carolina and the construction industry communications outlet, the Engineering News-Record (ENR).

“Summit is a welcome addition to the AgileAssets Partner Program, and we are proud to work together,” said Joe Garvey, Chief Growth Officer at AgileAssets. “With their technical expertise and diverse client experience, they are developing a robust AgileAssets asset management practice that will meet the evolving needs of local and state agencies.”


About Summit

Summit Design and Engineering Services, PLLC, LLC, is an industry-leading, multi-disciplinary consulting firm. Summit provides services in the fields of transportation design, architecture, construction engineering, inspection, and management, construction materials testing, geotechnical engineering, industrial coatings, land development, landscape architecture, maintenance management, planning, structural engineering, surveying and geomatics, and traffic/ITS systems.


About AgileAssets

AgileAssets is a leading global provider of SaaS and mobile solutions for transportation asset lifecycle management. From advanced analytics and strategic decision-making to day-to-day maintenance operations, AgileAssets solutions help cities, counties, states, and countries worldwide deliver safer, more reliable road networks and achieve the highest return on infrastructure investments.

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