The full-service engineering firm provides infrastructure asset management expertise to support community growth and sustainability.

Austin, Texas – October 1, 2021

WithersRavenel, a multidisciplinary civil and environmental engineering firm serving the public and private sectors, has joined the AgileAssets global Partner Program. As an AgileAssets partner, WithersRavenel will provide a wide range of services to support the management of pavement and other infrastructure assets for local government entities and other organizations throughout North Carolina and the U.S.

With specialties in transportation, construction, geomatics and surveying, parks and recreation facilities, water resources, and many other aspects of economic development, WithersRavenel will help agencies leverage the advanced analytics of AgileAssets solutions to make data-driven decisions about how best to use infrastructure funds to provide the greatest public benefits.

WithersRavenel + AgileAssets

“City, county, and municipal public works departments often compete with other local government services—like police and fire departments—for the funding necessary to ensure community well-being,” said L. Edwin “Eddie” Staley, Chief Experience and Innovation Officer at WithersRavenel. “AgileAssets solutions provide the decision-support and reporting capabilities to help public works departments justify their funding needs and communicate the impacts of their infrastructure investments.”

For local governments, WithersRavenel takes an efficient, unified approach to managing multiple types of infrastructure assets by integrating geographic information system (GIS) data, asset condition surveys, and other sources of information—such as remote sensors—to predict the future performance and maintenance needs of the infrastructure network.

“Agencies have a big advantage when they can model the lifecycles of multiple asset types at once and make a comprehensive plan to meet their community’s growth and sustainability goals—whether that involves roadways, sidewalks, and ramps, or the infrastructure for public water, wastewater, and stormwater,” said Steve Lander, PE, Director of Pavement Management at WithersRavenel.

Being certified to provide AgileAssets integrated solutions means that WithersRavenel can help agencies manage all their pavements and other infrastructure assets using a single, web-based platform delivered through a cloud-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) model—a benefit especially for agencies with limited IT resources.

In addition to engineering consulting, WithersRavenel provides financial analysis services to help agencies secure funding for infrastructure projects. “We have acquired $787 million in grant and loan funds for clients by not only identifying what is required to meet the community needs, but also helping clients figure out how best to pay for it,” said Staley.

Headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, with offices throughout the state, WithersRavenel has earned numerous client satisfaction awards, with customers rating the firm’s helpfulness at 97%, responsiveness at 98%, quality at 99%, and scope and fees at 100% on a 0%-100% scale in 2021. The firm scores at least 95% and above on numerous other current client satisfaction metrics.

“As a 100% employee-owned company, we see every project through the lens of our core values and prioritize the quality of our clients’ experience as well as the excellence of the outcomes,” said Staley.

“We are very proud to welcome WithersRavenel into the AgileAssets Partner Program,” said Joe Garvey, Chief Growth Officer at AgileAssets. “WithersRavenel’s strengths in engineering consulting, as well as their technical expertise and stellar reputation for client service, will complement AgileAssets’ focus on providing world-class software solutions.”


About WithersRavenel

WithersRavenel is a multidisciplinary engineering firm providing a variety of engineering consulting and asset management services to public and private clients. Our infrastructure asset management team transforms data into intelligence and merges it with engineering and financial know-how to guide our clients through monitoring assets, predicting failures, prioritizing projects, and planning and paying for infrastructure investments.


About AgileAssets

AgileAssets is a leading global provider of SaaS and mobile solutions for transportation asset lifecycle management. From advanced analytics and strategic decision-making to day-to-day maintenance operations, AgileAssets solutions help cities, counties, states, and countries worldwide deliver safer, more reliable road networks and achieve the highest return on infrastructure investments.

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