Manage tunnels and improve fieldwork with new features.

Enhanced flexibility and productivity are just some of the benefits of the AgileAssets transportation asset lifecycle management solution Version 7.5.

With version 7.5, you can:

  • Manage Tunnel Inventory & Inspections

    Use the expanded AgileAssets® Structures Inspector™ web application to manage tunnel inventory and inspections, including National Tunnel Inventory (NTI) reports.

  • Improve Large Culvert Inspections

    Use the enhanced AgileAssets® Structures Inspector™ mobile application to download and record inspections for large culverts as well as bridges.

  • Increase Fieldwork Efficiency

    Save time on asset maintenance using the enhanced location-mapping and address-search features of the AgileAssets® Work Manager™ mobile application to support daily work tasks.

  • Streamline Your User Experience

    Eliminate extra clicks when downloading detailed map tiles on the enhanced Work Manager™ mobile application for a smoother user experience.

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Feature Enhancements in v7.5

  • Structures Inspector™ Web Application

    • Tunnel Inventory – See the tunnels in your network and edit their attributes during a quality assurance phase to ensure accuracy.
    • Inspection Scheduling – Meet or exceed scheduling requirements with auto-generated inspection candidates based on the last inspection date. Assign inspections to third-party firms or agency inspectors.
    • Element Inspection – Record tunnel element condition ratings and attach photos or sketches to justify the ratings.
    • Regulatory Compliance – Preview and generate the annual National Tunnel Inventory report XML file for submission to the FHWA.


  • Structures Inspector™ Mobile Application

    Companion mobile application to the AgileAssets® Structures Inspector™ web application. Available for Apple® iOS and Android™ OS tablets.


    • Large Culvert Inspections – Download and record inspections for large culverts as well as bridges.
    • Field Team Notes – Record who was present for the inspection along with arrival/departure dates and times.
    • Field Condition Notes – Record field condition such as weather, temperature, and information about equipment or notes about accessing the asset for inspection.
    • Photos – Take a series of photos and select which ones to attach to an inspection. The application organizes your photos in albums, just as on your device.
    • Device Storage – Remove a completed inspection to free up storage space on your device.


  • Work Manager Mobile Application

    Companion mobile application to the AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™ web application. Available for Apple® iOS and Android™ OS tablets.


    • Satellite Images – Switch from a standard map view to a satellite view at any time to get a fuller picture of the neighboring areas.
    • Address Search – Look up an address to quickly find the location of an asset or work site on the map.
    • Whole-Screen Map – Toggle from a partial to a full-screen view of the map, according to your preference.
    • Dynamic Zoom – Eliminate extra clicks by simply pinching and zooming to automatically download detailed map tiles.
    • eSTIP id – Specify a planned betterment project (eSTIP id) as you create a work order or afterwards.


  • Pavement Analyst™

    • Faster Analysis – Improve the execution time of your multi-year, multi-constraint analysis for more efficient forecasting and scenario comparisons.


  • GIS Explorer™

    • Map Displays – Display all maps and layers correctly in the catalog after creating a new folder.
    • Map Layers – View a visible map layer within an otherwise hidden group of layers—or hide all layers in the group.


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