Advance Your Structures Inventory and Inspection Management Program

Improve bridge and structures inventory and inspection management using a framework that guides inspections—from scheduling and data collection to reviews and reports.

With Structures Inspector You Can:

  • Consolidate Data

    Record and assess current and historical data on inspections, inventories, and conditions of bridges, culverts, overhead signs, retaining walls, and other secondary structures.

  • Visualize Asset Locations

    See structure locations and query by status, condition, or other attribute—and pinpoint nearby features that may affect condition, inventory, or inspections management.

  • Streamline Scheduling

    Automate scheduling of inspection candidates based on the inspection cycle and last inspection. Create inspection teams and assign candidates so all team members can access the data and conduct inspections.

  • Expand System Capabilities

    Integrate with Structures Analyst™ and Maintenance Manager™ to schedule maintenance activities based on immediate needs or long-term plans.

  • Improve Field Productivity

    Use the Structures Inspector mobile application to improve field-to-office productivity, saving time and money.

Bridge and Structure Inspection Software Screenshots

Features & Benefits

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Element/Sub-Element Inspection

Meet element-level and sub-element-level inspection requirements, including AASHTO standards.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with all regulatory reporting requirements, including annual FHWA reporting.

Inspection Scheduling

Meet and exceed inspection scheduling requirements using seamless scheduling. Assign inspection candidates to a team so all members can access the data and perform inspections.

Inspection Teams

Create and edit inspection teams and assign them to specific units, regions, or areas.

Watch Lists and Post-Event Inspections

Create watch lists based on assessed vulnerabilities, and manage post-event inspections.

Flag Recording and Monitoring

Identify and track deficient structures.

Mobile App

Streamline field-to-office workflows using the offline-capable mobile application.

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