Advance Your Bridge and Structures Management Strategies and Increase ROI

Make better investment decisions for the maintenance, preservation, rehabilitation, and replacement of bridges and other structures by predicting future performance and generating optimal management strategies.

With Structures Analyst You Can:

  • Manage All Structural Assets

    Keep your bridges, culverts, overhead signs, retaining walls, and other structures in good repair using multi-year, multi-constraint predictive analysis.

  • Create Work Plans

    Generate optimized work plans using advanced predictive analysis that models the future performance of your network and determines how best to keep your assets in good repair. See treatment options and the best time to apply them to preserve elements, components, and their parent structure.

  • Conduct Element-Level Analysis

    Assess the condition data, deterioration models, treatments, and treatment improvement models at both NBI component and element (NBE) levels. You can achieve more granular condition deterioration forecasting and bridge work planning.

  • Produce Meaningful Reports

    Generate interactive reports that communicate the effects of your investment decisions and the performance of your network against various measures.

Bridge Management Software AgileAssets

Features & Benefits

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Multi-Year, Multi-Constraint Analysis

Test assumptions over multiple periods of time and with multiple constraints to evaluate potential outcomes.

Short-Term Needs Recommendations

Generate maintenance plans for immediate needs in your network for the current or next fiscal years.

Deterioration Models

Predict future performance or level of service using one or multiple deterioration models to determine the best maintenance strategies to preserve your structures.

Element/Sub-Element Analysis

Produce better work plans to prolong the useful life of parent bridge structures based on needs determined by the analysis and projection of the future condition state of bridge elements.

Integrated GIS

Perform spatial analysis and visualize the performance of your network or specific corridors, and create map reports to convey this information.

Decision Trees

Apply your agency’s expert opinion and practice in the decision mechanism by specifying treatment types, application intervals, level of application, and more.

Optimized Work Plans

Turn analysis results directly into optimized work plans.

Flexible Reporting

Generate reports in multiple formats to enhance communication with internal and external audiences.

Maintenance Program Interface

Integrate with AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™ to create and execute maintenance plans, extending the value of your asset lifecycle management system.

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