Improve Investment Decisions Across the Entire Portfolio

Make better multi-asset fund allocation decisions using advanced analytical capabilities with this enterprise solution.

  • Portfolio Analyst™ Big Picture

    Maximize Return on Your Budget

    Allocate limited funds effectively across multiple assets by selecting candidate projects with the highest return on investment.

  • Portfolio Analyst™ Scenario Summaries

    Predict Investment Outcomes

    Analyze multiple scenarios across multiple time frames to determine the best investment strategies for the short and long term.

  • Portfolio Analyst™ Scenario Summaries

    Justify Funding Needs

    Use data-supported evidence to substantiate legislative budget requests.

  • Portfolio Analyst™ Trade-Off Big Picture

    Create Meaningful Reports

    Generate rich graphical and interactive reports that communicate the effects of tradeoff decisions.

Portfolio Analyst™ Big Picture Portfolio Analyst™ Scenario Summaries Portfolio Analyst™ Scenario Summaries Portfolio Analyst™ Trade-Off Big Picture

Features & Benefits

  • Cross-Asset Analysis

    Compare investment options by analyzing tradeoff scenarios for multiple asset types.

  • Financial Insight

    Quickly summarize funding needs to meet short-term and long-term objectives.

  • Holistic Forecasting

    Establish and analyze multiple what-if scenarios to assess agency-wide impacts.

  • Program Overview

    Make more effective allocations across program areas for any target performance metric.

  • Project Delay Screening

    Quickly determine performance and budget impact of project delays.

  • Federal Projects Definition

    Easily define projects available for federal funds.

  • GIS Mapping and GPS Location

    Publish the results of planning and analysis directly to maps and to your integrated Linear Referencing System.

  • Optimized Work Plans

    Turn analysis results directly into optimized work plans.

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