Maximize Your Facilities Budget by Streamlining Asset Lifecycle Management

Facilities Manager is an enterprise software that lets you manage your facility assets and work orders to get a higher return on your investments through user-defined hierarchies, data visibility, and improved decision-making.

With Facilities Manager, You Can:

  • Optimize Asset Lifecycles

    Identify peak lifecycles to get the most value from labor, equipment, and materials.

  • Simplify Planning Processes

    Seamlessly turn annual plans, work requests, and scheduled work into active work orders.

  • Use Powerful Analytics

    Manage inventories, condition ratings, performance guidelines, and maintenance costs using advanced analytical tools for better decision-making.

  • Streamline Project Management

    Assign priorities, crews, and specific employees to work orders.

  • Improve Data Visibility

    Use maps to display facility locations, manage location-specific work activities, and create rich reports.

  • Meet Performance Goals

    Establish future funding levels and level-of-service targets to achieve performance standards.

Facilities Management Software Facilities Manager™ Screenshots

Features & Benefits

  • Asset Hierarchies

    Define asset hierarchies for properties, sites, and facilities.

  • Embedded GIS

    Use comprehensive GIS mapping to display the location of any asset or item in your system.

  • Work Requests

    Configure workflow for work requests and create work orders.

  • Recording

    Record accurate labor, equipment, and material usage.

  • Standards Comparison

    Compare work results to agency standards for efficiency.

  • Work Orders

    • Seamlessly move work from annual plans and work requests to actual work orders.
    • Easily assign priorities, crews, and specific employees to work orders.
    • Graphically schedule work orders.
  • Preventive Maintenance

    Define custom preventive maintenance for each asset type or for specific inventory items.

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