Get the Most From Your Budget by Managing the Full Lifecycle of Vehicles and Equipment

Fleet & Equipment Manager is an enterprise software that lets you reduce costs and increase the return on your asset investments using smart programming and work management. Whether you’re managing heavy equipment or sedans, you can track, coordinate, summarize, and report all activities throughout the asset lifecycle.

With Fleet & Equipment Manager, You Can:

  • Make Better Decisions

    Track information about maintenance & repairs, labor hours, materials & parts, usage, and fueling to improve decision-making for preventive maintenance, repair, and purchases.

  • Boost Performance

    Increase vehicle and equipment availability and utilization to improve performance.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Save time and money by managing the same tasks with fewer vehicles or pieces of equipment.

  • Mobile Companion App

    Simplify and accelerate field data capture and improve accuracy via the Fleet Maintenance Manager™ mobile app. With the app, you can manage vehicle information while in the field—so you have more flexibility and greater productivity while ensuring information is current. You can look up vehicle maintenance and warranty information or enter labor, materials, and equipment data.

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Fleet Management System Dashboard

Features & Benefits

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Inventory Records & Tracking

  • Maintain accurate historical records of vehicle usage and maintenance to improve future planning.
  • Track fleet and equipment parts inventory and turnover to ensure adequate supplies.
  • Automate your workflow per organizational rules to improve efficiency.

Labor, Parts & Fuel Management

  • Record and manage labor requirements, parts used, and associated costs to maintain budget alignment.
  • Monitor fuel usage manually and interface with a variety of fuel management systems to streamline data access.

Equipment Management

  • Search for a piece of equipment using the VIN or other criteria to quickly find relevant information.
  • Purchase equipment of a given class code and have all details auto-populated for easy visibility.
  • Transfer equipment from one management unit to another to maximize utilization.
  • Lease out equipment for the long term to recapture expenses.
  • Calculate equipment rental rates based on operational costs of maintenance to ensure adequate ROI.
  • Request, assign, and dispatch vehicles efficiently using the online motorpool reservation system.

Maintenance & Repairs

  • Use comprehensive tools to schedule preventive maintenance at the right time using the right resources.
  • Create in-house and commercial repair orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Identify and manage vehicle and equipment warranties, and recover related costs in a smooth process.

Analysis & Reporting

  • View equipment utilization percentages for the past month and year to see trends and outliers.
  • Identify all equipment due for replacement, and track upcoming replacements to ensure timely delivery.
  • Monitor utilization, costs, and more using intuitive dashboards to see performance at a glance.
  • View and modify out-of-the-box reports to get operational insights and share information with decision-makers.

iOS App

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy in the field with the Fleet Maintenance Manager™ iOS mobile app.

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