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The Core Set of Capabilities Required for the Implementation and Use of the AgileAssets Software Platform

AgileAssets® Foundation is the core set of capabilities for the AgileAssets Software Platform. Foundation is required for every AgileAssets software implementation.

Powerful and Flexible
Foundation allows you to set up unlimited asset types and asset inventory records. (Work management and analysis require additional products). You can customize all asset windows, data fields and drop-down lists used in the system. User roles, user accounts, passwords, system messaging, business rules, data imports are all managed via Foundation. Most users will never see the Foundation, but all users will depend on it.

Manage Any Asset
While the focus is on linear road assets, Foundation supports any asset or event or other table data that an agency wants to identify or manage.

How to Select the Right
Pavement Management System
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Nine Key Considerations When Selecting
a Pavement Management System
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GIS Explorer
Once identified, assets can be maintained analyzed, viewed, inspected and reported on via our GIS Explorer. Foundation is also integrated with Google Maps, Bing Maps, and other open source maps, which provides users with friendly and familiar tools. We’ve also made it easy to share maps with users in Esri® ArcGISSM Online and use map and layers from ArcGIS as well.


Work Orders and Calendar

Work Orders and Calendar


Business Rules (Groovy)

Configure Business Rules (Groovy Scripts)


GIS Explorer

GIS Explorer


Download/print a copy of the
AgileAssets Foundation Brochure.

Features & Benefits

System Functions
Set up standard units and conversions
Mark datasets for audit or temporality views
Create new asset types
Define user roles, administrative units and departments
Create and manage users, roles and access to administrative units
Manage tables, columns, labels, menus and commands for any window
Manage work calendars
Set up cross-unit resource sharing
Manage GIS themes and map defaults

Inventory Functions
Add any inventory asset
Manage attribute dropdown lists
Create and manage inventory records
View record audit history
View maintenance done on inventory
Plot inventory on GIS maps
Plot inventory on Google Maps, Bing Maps and other open source web maps

Reporting Functions
Add and manage ad-hoc (tabular), GIS, graph and BI reports
Share reports publicly or with select groups
Copy and modify reports
Save ad-hoc reports
Display any report on the login dashboard

Browser-Based UI
Facilitates accessibility and eliminates IT deployment issues

To learn about the AgileAssets Software Platform,
go to the AgileAssets Software Platform page.