Integrate Your AgileAssets System with Leading LRS Solutions

LRS Gateway provides you with an advanced interface between the AgileAssets asset management system and multiple Linear Referencing Systems (LRSs), including Esri® Roads and Highways, Bentley® AssetWise ALIM and proprietary LRSs.

With LRS Gateway, You Can:

  • Have a Single-Source LRS Solution

    Maintain consistency of roadway definitions used by multiple business units, even when using multiple software systems.

  • Synchronize LRS Data

    Use your preferred LRS solution while ensuring that your LRS data continuously synchronizes with the AgileAssets asset management system.

  • Improve Data Quality

    Safeguard data integrity by reviewing analyses prior to committing to the transfer of data.

Linear Referencing System LRS Gateway Interface Methodology

Features & Benefits

  • Simplifies LRS Updates

    Identifies asset and event locations and automatically updates all records related to a roadway edit in an external LRS—within the AgileAssets asset management system.

  • Single-Source LRS Solution

    Ensures that roadway definitions used by multiple business units are consistent.

  • Third-Party LRS System Integration

    Integrates seamlessly with third-party LRS systems or proprietary agency LRS systems.

  • LRS Updates Synchronization

    Gives you total control over when to synchronize LRS updates.

  • Issue Resolution

    Addresses issues such as multiple LRMs or concurrent routes (where two or more routes merge and then split off).

  • Route Geometry and LRS Data Transfer

    Enables full support for map display and analysis within the AgileAssets asset management system.

  • Extensive Quality Control

    Provides extensive quality control capabilities to ensure clean data transfers while allowing you to view the transfer results prior to committing the data.

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