Improve Field Data Collection and Reporting While Boosting Productivity

Manage your inventory, structures inspections, work tasks, and fleet assets using tablets and smartphones to save time and money.

Work Manager™ Screenshot

Work Manager™

Manage field work activities more efficiently and accurately by replacing paperwork with this time-saving mobile application.

Work Manager is a companion mobile application to the AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™, Sign Manager™, Signal and ITS Manager™, and Facilities Manager™ web applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Create and edit work orders, activities, costs, and accomplishments while in the field to increase productivity.
  • Improve data visualization with a map-centric interface to easily locate assets and work sites.
  • Create and edit day cards to manage field work more effectively.
  • Capture labor assigned to the operation of specific equipment to improve resource management.
  • Create assets and edit asset information in the field using the user-friendly map interface to save time.
  • Create, edit, flag, and start simple asset inspections from a location pin on the map to easily find the inspection site.
  • Capture data in the field using data collection forms you define, to ensure alignment with business rules.
  • Capture and communicate work for signs, signals, and ITS maintenance all in the same application.

Available for Microsoft® Windows, Apple® iOS, and Android™ OS tablets and smartphones.

Structures Inspector™ Screenshot

Structures Inspector™ 

Streamline the full inspection process for bridges and other structures while gaining productivity in the field.

Structures Inspector is a companion mobile application to the AgileAssets® Structures Inspector™ web application.

Features & Benefits

  • Use maps and structure summary cards to quickly determine which inspection candidates to inspect.
  • Download inventory and inspection data on a structure for offline review.
  • View a PDF of the last inspection report on your device.
  • Save time with electronic data entry and use built-in validation to ensure data accuracy and reliability.
  • Use the built-in condition rating reference to guide your inspection.
  • Attach and annotate photos to keep inspection data in one place.
  • Synchronize collected data on demand when network connectivity is available, avoiding duplicate data entry.

Available for Apple® iOS and Android™ OS tablets.

Fleet Maintenance Manager™ Screenshot

Fleet Maintenance Manager™

Support the full lifecycle management of your vehicles and equipment while saving time and money on field activities.

Fleet Maintenance Manager is a companion mobile application to the AgileAssets® Fleet & Equipment Manager™ web application.

Features & Benefits

  • Search for vehicles by VIN, name, license plate, or barcode to quickly identify assets in inventory.
  • Look up vehicle information to get quick insight into asset history, condition, location, and more.
  • Add vehicle repair orders to improve asset management across vehicle lifecycles.
  • Modify non-approved repair orders to ensure alignment with business rules.

Available for Microsoft® Windows, Apple® iOS, and Android™ OS tablets and smartphones.

Materials Manager™ Screenshot

Materials Manager™

Simplify your materials management workflows and eliminate rework using this productivity-boosting mobile application.

Materials Manager is a companion mobile application to the AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™ web application.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage materials management processes from your mobile device to improve field productivity and flexibility.
  • Check inventories and availability to improve work planning and scheduling.
  • Update quantities and record inventory transfers and purchases to keep inventory data up to date in real time.
  • Scan bar codes to quickly identify assets in inventory.
  • Reconcile inventory to improve data accuracy and reliability.
  • Record costs to improve resource management and budgeting.

Available for Apple® iOS devices.

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