A Ready-to-Use Solution for Cities & Counties

Managing streets and sidewalks just got easier with AgileAssets® Pavement Express™, a turnkey pavement management system for public works agencies.

Based on the industry-leading AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™ software used by national and state governments for more than 25 years, Pavement Express is a streamlined solution tailored to the needs of local governments.

With Pavement Express, you can:

  • Manage Inventory

    View and manage the inventory of the pavement network, including total lane miles, pavement type, average daily traffic (ADT), facility type, construction history, and more.

  • Use GIS Maps to Simplify Tasks

    Visualize the attributes and performance of your pavement network on embedded GIS maps to simplify geolocation and spatial analysis.

  • Drive Informed Decision-Making

    Display and share interactive dashboards and reports that show the reasoning behind strategic decisions and the impact of infrastructure investments.

  • Make Smarter Work Plans

    Select the optimal mix of pavement projects to achieve your objectives for funding, performance, and more.

  • Create Value Faster

    Get your ROI faster by going live within days—and stay up to date with hassle-free upgrades at no extra cost.

Pavement Express Dashboard & Inventory Map

Features & Benefits

Built-In GIS Functionality

  • Use the full-featured GIS interface to view multi-layer maps showing current and future network performance, work plans, project locations, and more.
  • Visualize related geolocated data to correlate against your network and to create new maps for deeper analysis.

Models & Decision Trees

  • Predict future levels of service for specific pavement areas to help determine the best maintenance strategies. Pavement Express calculates Pavement Condition Index (PCI) according to ASTM D-6433.
  • Apply your agency’s expert opinion in the decision process by specifying treatment types, application intervals, level of application, and more.

Optimized Work Plans

  • Define budgeting and performance scenarios that account for various funding levels, timelines, roadway surface types, and more.
  • Turn analysis results into optimized work plans that you can tailor to your agency’s priorities.

Dashboards & Reporting

  • Track performance at a glance on dashboards, or drill down to answer specific questions using interactive reports.
  • Leverage your existing investment in Esri ArcGIS® to publish pavement information in multiple formats for better decision-making by internal and external stakeholders.

Turnkey Solution

  • Reap the benefits of your solution faster, with minimal staff or IT know-how, because it is fully preconfigured for local governments.
  • Get up and running within days to make progress toward your strategic goals sooner.

Maintenance Management Integration

Pavement Express Demo Video

Pavement Express™ Demo

Person holding computer with SaaS icon

SaaS: Security, Performance, Cost Savings

Pavement Express™ is available by subscription in a contactless, software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment on the Microsoft® Cloud. The cloud-hosted deployment provides you with the highest security and software performance. Plus, the subscription makes it easy to keep your costs affordable. You can even add users as your organization grows.

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Engineering Support through AgileAssets Partners

Get specialized engineering support through a global network of authorized AgileAssets Partners. From engineering consultants and data collection providers to local transportation experts, our partners can help you with system setup, data imports, business rule updates, customized reports, and more.

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