Pavement Analyst™

Advance Your Pavement Management Strategies and Increase ROI

Make better investment decisions for pavement maintenance, preservation, rehabilitation, and replacement by predicting future performance.

With Pavement Analyst, you can:

  • Preview Investment Outcomes

    Use multiple what-if scenarios to see how to achieve a specified performance target or how best to allocate your budget to preservation strategies that maximize the return on your infrastructure investments.

  • Specify Performance Models

    Allow your users to fully define the engineering framework as well as evaluate and develop the best performance models based on condition data.

  • Improve Management Strategies

    Create optimal work plans using predictive modeling to determine the best time to apply a preventive treatment that keeps your pavement in good repair.

  • Produce Meaningful Reports

    Generate interactive reports that communicate the effects of your investment decisions and the performance of your network against various measures.


Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Constraint Analysis

    Add any number of user-specified constraints to your analysis beyond simple budget and performance goals.

  • Multi-Year Analysis

    Test assumptions to determine the best management strategy over the course of a specified time frame.

  • Analysis Scenarios

    Create multiple what-if scenarios for analysis comparisons to simplify forecasting and resource allocation.

  • Deterioration Models

    Project future level of service for specific pavement areas to help determine optimal maintenance strategies.

  • Visual Project Editing Tool

    Create work plans using an interactive project planner to quickly organize projects for best results.

  • Decision Trees

    Apply your agency’s expert opinion and practice in the decision mechanism by specifying treatment types, application intervals, level of application, and more.

  • Optimized Work Plans

    Turn analysis results directly into optimized work plans that have been post-processed to aggregate adjacent projects on a route over multiple years.

  • GIS/LRS Integration

    Perform spatial analysis and visualize the performance or attributes of your network on maps and in the integrated linear referencing system.

  • Dynamic Charts

    Easily visualize projected levels of service with dynamic charts that break down data and show trends.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Generate reports in multiple formats to enhance communication with internal and external audiences.

  • Maintenance Program Interface

    Integrate with AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™ to create and execute maintenance plans, extending the value of your asset lifecycle management system.

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