Improve Safety on Your Roadways

Achieve your roadway safety performance goals and Vision Zero objectives by increasing the accuracy of network screenings and identifying effective safety programs using advanced analytics and visualizations.

With Safety Analyst, you can:

  • Boost Program Performance

    Improve the effectiveness of your road safety plans by employing a systemic and repeatable safety management practice—generating a management plan and tracking performance against the plan.

  • Improve Screening

    Use powerful query and integrated LRS and GIS presentation tools to perform advanced spatial analysis to quickly identify problem areas.

  • Perform Advanced Analysis

    Use proactive or reactive models to simulate or identify high-crash locations–including contributing factors under varying conditions–to better understand how to mitigate risks.

  • Identify Countermeasures

    See recommended best-first projects to achieve your defined objectives of reducing fatalities, liabilities, property damage, and more–across your network or along a corridor.

Safety Analyst™ Road Safety Management System Screenshots

Features & Benefits

  • Safety Performance Measures

    Easily compute and manage various performance measures required to accomplish HSIP reporting.

  • MIRE and MMUCC

    Meet data and analysis requirements according to Model Inventory of Roadway Elements (MIRE) and Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC) guidelines.

  • Modeling

    Generate reactive and proactive models for high-crash locations.

  • Screening

    Employ sliding window and peak searching methods to simplify screening.

  • Diagnosis

    Drill down to identified hotspot locations and see the breakdown of contributing or responsible factors.

  • User-Defined Decision Matrix

    Determine the most effective treatments to maximize level of service and resolve safety issues.

  • GIS/LRS Integration

    Perform location-aware screening as well as mapping and analysis of hotspots.

  • Project Planning and Management

    Evaluate and identify candidate safety projects by their forecasted impact.

  • Reporting

    Improve internal and external communication with compelling reports that tell the full story of your safety program.

  • Meet Regulatory Standards

    Support FHWA TAMP planning and develop safety programs that comply with AASHTO Highway Safety Manual, MAP-21, FAST Act, HSIP Final Rules, MIRE, and MMUCC requirements.

  • Configurability

    Configure the system to meet agency-specific requirements.

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