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Safety Analyst

Meet MAP-21 Highway Safety Requirements with a Proven, Browser-Based, GIS/LRS Integrated Solution Compliant with the Federal Highway Safety Manual

AgileAssets® Safety Analyst is a proven, comprehensive, browser-based, GIS/LRS-integrated Safety Management System (SMS) that enables safety managers and safety professionals to significantly improve the effectiveness of their road safety programs, reducing fatalities, liabilities and property damage across their road networks.

Ensure Public Safety
A comprehensive system for assessing, monitoring and managing the condition of pavements, bridges and related assets helps ensure public safety by enabling agencies to proactively identify and resolve issues.

Advanced Crash Analysis
Safety Analyst features powerful query and presentation tools with integrated GIS/LRS support that enable advanced crash analysis. Users can leverage location, date, collision type, severity and other relevant data to facilitate the decision-making process, maximize the application of limited resources and to determine the most effective counter-measures.

Advanced Crash Data Visualization
Safety Analyst supports standard and user-defined reports that show traffic and crash data including black spots and relative severity via tabular, graphical and GIS map-based formats.

New Safety Management Systems
Can Revolutionize Your Safety Programs
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Meet MAP-21 Requirements
With advanced analysis, decision and reporting tools, Safety Analyst provides agencies with a robust solution for delivering effective safety programs optimized against budget and performance constraints including those established by MAP-21.

Proven Technology
Safety Analyst is a fully field-tested, enterprise-level solution, with components in active use by transportation agencies throughout the world.

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Access
Safety Analyst’s browser-based UI facilitates access while eliminating IT deployment issues.


Network Analysis Scenarios

Network Analysis Scenarios


GIS Explorer Enables Viewing of Crash Hotspots

GIS Explorer Enables Viewing of Crash Hotspots

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Features & Benefits

Complies with Highway Safety Manual
Complies with AASHTO Federal Highway Safety Manual (HSM)

Meet MAP-21 Requirements
Facilitates reaching safety target goals and plan update requirements outlined by MAP-21

GIS/LRS Integration
Provides GIS/LRS-based network preparation for screening and analysis; GIS Explorer for crash distribution

User-Defined Decision Trees
Determine most effective treatments to maximize level of service and resolve safety issues

Reactive and Proactive Modeling
Supports reactive and proactive modeling for high crash locations

Sliding Window and Peak Searching Screening
Supports sliding window and peak searching screening methods

Powerful Reporting
Provides powerful reporting tools, including one-click 5% reporting

Safety Performance Measures
Fully supports computation and management of various performance measures including Empirical Bayes method required to accomplish the HSIP

Fully supports data requirements and analysis provided in the MIRE and MMUCC guidelines

High Configurability
Can be configured to meet agency requirements

Browser-Based UI
Facilitates accessibility and eliminates IT deployment issues


AgileAssets Foundation

AgileAssets Maintenance Manager, Field Data Collector

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