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Signal and ITS Manager™

Improve Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Flow by Managing Signals and ITS Lifecycles

Signal and ITS Manager is a GIS/LRS-integrated enterprise software that helps you keep signals and ITS assets working optimally—saving money and time while also saving lives.

Using Signal and ITS Manager, You Can:

Streamline Workflows
Integrate the planning, inventory, inspection, analysis, and maintenance of the full asset lifecycle in a single workflow.
Visualize Data
Search and display location, condition, and maintenance activities of any asset on a map for better visibility.
Consolidate Inventory
Manage all your ITS assets in one place, including video and number plate recognition cameras, variable message signs, and information signs.
Make Better Decisions
Use advanced analytics to allocate resources efficiently, eliminate redundancies, and reduce costs.



Manage inventory using logical, easy views.

Manage inventory using logical, easy views.


Using condition history to make better-informed decisions.

Use condition history to make better-informed decisions.


Visualize inventory graphically with integrated GIS.

Visualize inventory graphically with integrated GIS.

Features & Benefits

  • Asset Inventory and Data Collection – Achieve systematic collection of sign inventory and data.
  • Asset Condition and History Analysis – Make better business decisions with superior condition and history analysis.
  • Asset Hierarchy – Define signal asset hierarchies to simplify maintenance and analysis activities.
  • GIS/LRS Search and Visualization – Quickly display condition, location, and maintenance activities for your signal and ITS assets.
  • Preventive Maintenance – Optimize and customize your maintenance process for each asset type.
  • Workflow Customization – Customize your team’s workflow to meet your agency’s business requirements.
  • Work Requests – Configure workflow for work requests and create work orders.
  • Work Orders – Seamlessly move work from annual plans and problem reports to actual work orders.
  • Graphic Scheduling – Simplify and accelerate work order scheduling using graphic tools.
  • Labor, Equipment, and Material Management – Increase the accuracy and efficiency of recording labor, equipment, and material usage.
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